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Crashsite Defense – Funny, Customizable TD iPad Game

Crashsite Defense (by Gifted but Crazy Studios) is a tower defense game with a funny storyline, a variety of defense turrets that are uniquely upgradeable and many additional special defensive units as well. In a game app, the mix of humor and good gameplay typically equals a winner, and for me this game delivers not only a funny story, but a very entertaining and unique Tower Defense (TD) game as well. The storyline features an inept captain (bafoon) as the main character and a bright Information Officer who always tries to help him, but he only listens to himself — which is obviously where he goes wrong, and it turns out bad, but helps the game to unfold nicely.

The TD gameplay is a bit different than most TD games. This game uses a spaceship as both your tower to protect and area housing your defense turrets, which is rather different for a TD game. There are 8 available turret areas in the game, but this can be increased through in app purchase (up to 15). There are also a variety of turrets (missile, cannon, and laser) that come with the FREE game, but you can unlock the Tesla turret through in app purchase. A unique stock turret that comes with the game is a technology turret, which is a passive and non-attacking turret. However, this turret is very valuable and has multiple areas you can upgrade to increase your other turrets’ damage, armor, and other capabilities.

ipad app reviewipad app reviews
All turrets can be upgraded in 3 different areas that are all unique to that turret, which makes for a highly customizable TD gaming experience with lots of replay value. The overall model for in app purchases is slightly unusual for this game type than most, because they don’t use any virtual currency system and just allow you to purchase a few playable items, as well as additional game content. In addition to all the turrets and their unique customization, there are a variety of defensive extras that can be purchased with the money you earn by killing enemies. One of the defense units is actually unlocked through in app purchase, which is the battleship. You will find all the defensive units are extremely helpful, especially when you are being barraged with attacking enemies. There are over 20 different enemy types, including some bosses that you will have to handle to complete this game. I enjoyed playing Crashsite Defense and using a variety of strategies to win each of the 10 levels I played. I personally enjoyed the defensive weapon extras like the EMP Shockwave and the Battleship. Crashsite Defense is a thoughtful, well done and uniquely made TD game that has a look and feel that’s all its own — best of all, you get 9 large levels for FREE! Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Crashsite Defense iPad App Details

Title: Crashsite Defense
Price: Free
Size: 44.9 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Gifted but Crazy Studios
Store: iTunes App Store

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Crashsite Defense - Gifted but Crazy Studios GbR

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Crashsite Defense iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad
Welcome to ‘Crashsite Defense’, a hilariously fresh and funny take on the turret defense genre*), designed specifically for iOS. Meet our paranoid captain, his attractive yet helpless aide and our arch-enemies, cute robots which actually don’t want to do anything else but help.

*** Top 20 Strategy game (02/2012) ***
*** App of the Week at Ansca Corona ***

Choose from a wide range of highly upgradeable towers and specialize each of them in a total of fifteen different directions to defend your crashed starship – or invest your hard-earned resources into a wide selection of special attacks which become crucial during all-out attacks.
Just remember: Never let those nice robots get close enough! You know what needs to be done!

Get the initial set of nine fun-filled levels now – and unlock many more for hours and hours of fun!
Stunning graphics with realistic explosions, fast-paced action, a top-notch original battlefield score, a lovely android, homing missiles, RPG elements which allow you to play the game exactly the way YOU like, a storyline which lets you burst in tears of laughter, and all of that for free – what more do you want?

*) Trademarks are fun, aren’t they?

# addictive gameplay – easy to grasp, hard to master
# highly advanced visuals, specifically designed for the iPad
# an original score by renowned artists
# an extensive, absurdly humorous storyline with highly original characters
# more than twenty huge, fun-packed levels
# five types of towers, upgradeable via fifteen different paths – ranging from homing missiles to tesla leech
# seven powerful, visually stunning special attacks
# over twenty different enemy units, including boss ‘monsters’
# play it the way you like – whether you prefer to have one incredibly strong, customized defense tower, tons of weaker structures or want to wreak havoc with your special attacks is up to you!
# RPG-like high value of replayability for hours and hours of fun – take a completely different approach every time you play!

Of course, you can always come visit us at – or at

Or check out those fantastic, accurate*) reviews:
# Pharaoh Ramses II. “Too much stuff going on. I don’t get it – why do you have to go up into space? Pyramids not enough for you, eh?”
# Queen Elizabeth I. “What is an app? And what are you doing in my throne room? Guards!”
# Orville and Wilbur Wright. “Why does everything always have to crash-land? Can’t you guys follow our heroic example at least once?”
# Genghis Khan. “Taking what’s rightfully not yours? Well, that’s something I can approve of! Because then I can take it away from you, you cowardly thief!”
# Giacomo Casanova. “Attractive indeed…”
# Nero. “Couldn’t you just have let your ship burn?”
# Hérnan Cortéz. “Natives? They surely must have gold! Please! Bring me their precccccious shiny gold!”
# Sir Isaac Newton. “BEST. SPACE CRASHSITE TD GAME. EVER. And I must know, I invented gravity!”

*) Disclaimer: These reviews might not be quite as accurate as indicated.
What’s new
# Part III of the campaign now available for no extra cost!
# New foes, including a tower-smashing supertank
# Separate volume controls for sound effects and music
# Improved performance

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