Crazy Android Market $0.10 App Sale For 10 Days!

The Android Market has a huge $0.10 app sale going on in honor of their 10 billionth app download that occurred several days ago. This sale began sometime around Monday (12/05/11) and will last for about 10 days (12/15/11), speculatively speaking (PCWorld). There are a variety of high-quality applications, so far I’ve picked up about 5 today — Shazam Encore and Jelly Defense, just to name a few. Keep your eyes open and check the Android Market daily until 12/15/11 to take advantage of some huge savings by purchasing many awesome Android apps for only $0.10. Check out our other Android app reviews for more Android apps. Crazy Mike

Huge Android App Market Sale Ten Cent Apps

Store: Android Market/Amazon App Store

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