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Crazy Animals – Psychotic Animal Time Attack Game!

Crazy Animals is a drag and drop iPhone/iPad game that features a funny farm filled with the lots of unruly animals, and it’s your job to maintain order and administer some whacky mental therapy throughout the 60 levels, and 3 asylums of insane gameplay. This is by far one of the funniest games I have ever played on my iPhone or iPad. The game objective is to medicate the cRaZy animals with red, blue, or yellow pills (in order from left to right) as needed. Believe me, you will find there is a huge need for medication time. The game board in this game is a hospital mental ward where various animals like skunks, hedge hogs, birds, dogs, cows, and more enter into a group therapy room where they quickly have mental break downs.

Once an animal shows signs of a break down, a set of colored pills pop up (above their head) that you must then drag and drop onto the animal in the correct order (left to right) to help the animal calm down and mellow out. For some additional pressure, each animal has 2 bars (green and yellow) that deteriorate the longer it takes you to medicate the animal — and if you give an animal the wrong color pill this speeds up their deterioration. If both bars run out, the animal dies in its own unique way, such as the dog who explodes into a bloody mess. As an added distraction in each of the 3 level game packs, you’ll have a little extra unnerving distraction. Level one has what appears to be a cat in a straight jacket who is constantly yelling and banging its head into the wall during each level. In the second level game pack there are mice that scare your patients requiring them to be medicated quicker and more often, unless you tap on the mice to squish them and get rid of them. Your guess is as good as mine as to what crazy distraction will taunt you in game pack 3.

iPad games app reviewiPad games app review

Fortunately, there is a Pharmacy to help you with various power-ups like the all-in-one pills that provide an animal all pills regardless of color, when this power-up is used. Other useful power-ups include freeze pills, all-one-color pills, etc., as well as numerous passive power-ups that will make your animal medicating easier. But by far, the best form of therapy in this game is the “Scream Therapy” power-up. Once you “own” this power-up (only available once a level) it cures all animals at once — like magic. To get this power-up to work, you must scream at your iPod or iPad (not the iPhone) when the little doctor symbol appears on the lower left of the screen. After screaming at your iPod or iPad (but, be sure not to do this in a public place that may make you look crazy) all the animals’ pill requirements (that appear above their head) fall to the ground giving you have a short moment of peace and quite. Crazy Animals is a super crazy game that requires fast thinking and fast fingers to drag & drop all those pills in this fun pill-popping game. One last tip, don’t be intimidated by the sounds you hear — you can do this — the animals need you. Be sure to watch this iPad video app demo for a complete walk through of this application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Crazy Animals iPhone App Details

Title: Crazy Animals
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 34.8 MB
Developer: WoodPecker Bros.
Store: iTunes App Store

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Crazy Animals - WoodPecker Bros.

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Crazy Animals iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

The craziest animals from all over the world have gathered under one asylum, will you be able to cure them all before they commit suicide?


“Crazy Animals” is a time attack drag & drop game with a unique play system

• Drag the needed pills to the insane animal in order to cure it.
• Squash the mice before they scare your animals again.
• Electrify animals to delay their insanity.
• Scream to activate “Scare Therapy” (supports iPad & iPod only).
• and more…


• 60 levels, 3 different asylums and more to come.


• 47 achievements – gaining achievements will multiply your score and money!


• Buy special power-ups from the pharmacy such as an electricity switch, time control, electric shocker, coloring pills and more…


• Test your speed and compete with your friends on the leaderboard.


What’s new
New speedometer feature
Facebook share option added
Minor bugs fix

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