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Crazy Bats 2 – 100 Levels of Crazy Bat-Smashing Mayhem!

Crazy Bats 2 (by 3D2D Studio) is a funky action game that features 5 dungeons and 16 whacky enemy bats to clear out during the 100 levels of gameplay. Right off the bat (sorry for the corny pun), you’re going to find this to be a very fun and hyperactive game that gets pretty hairy after the first 10 levels . You start off with a couple of basic bat enemies that drop certain items on you to (mostly) harm you. As you progress through the levels, you will find some bats provide a helpful power-up, but beware of the “Rasta” bat as he drops some apparently laced mushrooms that reverse your controls. The objective is to clear out all the bats in a level before time expires or you run out of lives. You do this using a bone that moves left to right on the bottom of the screen along with an eyeball that bounces off of it, each time the eyeball hits a bat it either takes it out, where points will drop down for you to catch or you will need more hits with the eyeball to take out a bat. The variety of bats, time pressure, and lives all make the game hard, but there are some other power-ups to help with eliminating the bats. They all hang from 4 chains at the top of the game board and once the eyeball hits them they activate, and there are several different types like the bullseye that shoots arrows horizontally across the game board taking out all bats, a big metal ball that once hit also kills bats — but also kills you and the bats with various explosive and deathly qualities.

iPhone Game app Review for Crazy Bats 2iPhone Game app Review for Crazy Bats 2

As you complete levels, you will collect cash through certain bats that drop the cash, and this will help you to buy additional limited power-ups that become available as you progress farther through the game. I found Crazy Bats 2 to be very challenging and in my opinion well worth the $0.99 spend to have it on both the iPhone and ipad and also for the 100 levels of crazy bat-smashing mayhem gameplay. Watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete walkthrough of this game. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Crazy Bats 2 iPhone App Details

Title: Crazy Bats 2
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 12.8 MB
Developer: 3D2D Studio
Store: iTunes App Store

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Crazy Bats 2 - 3D2D Studio

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Crazy Bats 2 iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Discover Crazy Bats, an action game totally crazy!
Hordes of bats have invaded your dungeons and robbed your treasures.
Use the destructive power of your entire arsenal to drive them out of your dungeons and recover your treasures.
Crazy bats featuring several hours of gameplay in 100 levels distributed in 5 dungeons guarded by 16 enemies,
10 bonus to unlocked and 18 trophies to win. Don’t forget to make the better score to get 3 stars in each levels.

16 bats with different attacks
Several weapons and bonus
100 levels in 5 dungeons
300 diamonds to find
300 stars to collect
18 Trophies

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