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King Oddball , Crazy Funny iOS Game (Video)

King Oddball (by 10Tons) is not your everyday iOS Universal game, it is a fresh and weird casual game with subtle, but graphically cool artwork throughout. This weirdly fun game features an Odd King with a super long tongue who uses boulders to kill his enemies throughout 120+ levels of whacky gameplay. 10Tons is an indie developer with hits like Azkend, Boom Brigade, Boom Brigade 2, and other unique iOS games. However, King Oddball is by far their weirdest iOS game offering delivered to the iTunes Apps Store. The objective of this slightly twisted game is to crush humanity with your long, sharp shooter tongue king.

This physics puzzler has a lot of subtleties that may get overlooked such as the awesome watercolor artwork, the intertwined secrets, and the massive amount of gameplay. You play through each grid tapping to let go of giant boulders off the tip of the king’s pendulum-like swinging tongue at just the right time to hit soldiers, tanks, helicopters and other enemies. Strangely, there is no score in this game, but multipliers are tracked. Multipliers are how many objects or hits you get from 1 boulder release. These can go from 1x to 7x and are tabulated in the statistics area of the game. The only thing that would make this game better is a price reduction to $0.99, other than that it is a unique and perfectly funky game for any iOS device.

See how this app works, watch our King Oddball iPad App Video Review.


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