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Crazy Old Man Kicks Butt and Takes Names (Video)

Throw down as the Crazy Old Man punishing thugs, young whippersnappers and bad guys with fists, feet, and a variety of weapons in this funny Android game!

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The Crazy Old Man is not the worst Android fighting game, but it is also not the best. However, for free this game does provide some humor and decent fighting gameplay. You play as an angry old man vigilante wandering the streets of different cities looking for bad guys to punish. You have your fists and feet to assit you, as well as a spinning jump. There are weapons you gain from drops or that you can purchase in the shop, which increase your ability to inflict damage. Weapons include gloves, darts, steel pipes and other implements of destruction.



Most gameplay consists of levels where the Crazy Old Man has to beat a certain number of bad guys. There is also timed gameplay that is pretty hard, especially since the timer counts down faster than a normal clock. I played the first countdown level several times and could not get past this level. Most likely, the game was developed this way to encourage in app purchases since this is a free app.

Overall, Crazy Old Man is a funny game that plays fairly well for this app’s quality, and it provides some free and humorous fun!


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