App Ratings

CrazyMikesapps has a stringent app rating criteria to help app consumers cut through the bad apps and focus their time on the best and top rated apps.

Quality: Overall quality of graphics, sounds, presentation, creativity of idea, uniqueness, and other factors that make the application solid.

Functionality: How does the application function? Does it crash, have slow load times, poor server connections or other development processes that hinder the application’s use. Does the application provide the functionality as advertised?

User Interface: What is the personal experience while using the application: Is it intuitive and/or does it provide clear directions/instructions for the user? Are there missing pieces of user-interface functionality that would be necessary for a better user experience?

Price: How does it compare with other similar applications in the same category and does the development and/or functionality warrant the sale price.

Value: The overall assessment of the above categories and application’s contribution to its genre/category, as well as the overall user experience.

App Rating Criteria:


This application is top-notch and stands out way above the crowd for all the right reasons. That’s why it’s Crazy Awesome!



This application is first-rate, a cut or grade above the average. That makes it Crazy Excellent!



This application is middle-of-the-pack and functions properly, but may be missing the ‘X’ factor that would push it up to the next level. This app is Crazy Good!



This application missed-the-mark, was poorly developed, did not provide the functionality as advertised, and overall was Crazy Bad — not good bad, just plain bad!



This application never had a chance and shouldn’t have been developed because it just doesn’t work, or is a real “Crap App.” That’s why this app is Crazy Shameful!


We at pride ourselves on finding, You, the consumer the most valuable applications (iPhone, iPad, Android) to be presented on our website. will not review or demonstrate any application if it does not hit a benchmark of at least 3 CrazyMikesapps’ Heads, based on our head-rating system, unless the application is being featured as a “Crap App,” in which said case, the application will clearly be disclosed as such.