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Greedy Jump HD – Massively Addictive (by TiTi) is a jumper game that features a very greedy egg on a hunt for ultimate wealth during the 5 different game modes provided and collects a variety of useful power-ups that help the egg climb higher and higher. This jumper game is uniquely fun with a goofy backstory revolving around an egg who likes the finer things in life like diamonds, rubies, gems, and treasure. The gameplay in Greedy Egg HD is a little different than most jumper games in that you draw to aim your egg at a nest above, and climb your way through the quickly changing gameboard of nests that soon take on characteristics that make your egg jumping more difficult. No worries, the developers were nice enough to provide a variety of useful power-ups like the ladder, helping hand, spider web, slingshot, and more to help your climbing efforts.

Greedy Jump HD - Massively Addictive iPad Game App ReviewsGreedy Jump HD - Massively Addictive iPad Game App Reviews

The graphics are great, sounds are very entertaining with odd but expected noises, and encouragement every so often when you jump so high or jump quickly and land safely. There are also 5 game modes or environments that you can play this game in, but they must be unlocked through gameplay by amassing jumps in each new game mode. I unlocked the fruit game mode and found my greedy egg turned into a greedy fruit-juicing egg as I climbed my way north — that was pretty cool. The same power-ups are available in other modes, but one tip: you must play for a bit to unlock the power-ups, but once you do, they are plentiful and very helpful. Greedy Jump HD is an entertaining jumper game with a bit of strategy and several entertaining game modes (playable environments). Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. Crazy Mike

Greedy Jump HD – Massively Addictive iPad App Details

Title: Greedy Jump HD – Massively Addictive
Price: $0.99
Size: 28.9 MB
Category: Games
Developer: TiTi
Store: iTunes App Store

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Greedy Jump HD - Massively Addictive - TiTi

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Greedy Jump HD – Massively Addictive iPad App Developers Description

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