Clown Commandos, Creepy Comic Clowns

I have never been much of a comic book fan as a kid and really not even close as an adult. However, today’s FREE App Today “Clown Commandos #1” has changed my mind a bit. First of all for full disclosure me and my family thinks clowns are just plain creepy. Now, I am sure there are some normal non-serial killer clowns out there, but we still think all clowns are creepy. This iPhone app portrays clowns a little different. The clowns look uber tough, carry guns (out in the open), and are trying to accomplish a mission other than entertaining kids at a party or crowds at the circus. The app is very easy to use, but could use some additional user controls. To use this iPhone app, just open it and tap once for the main control, which is a virtual slider control on the bottom of the screen. To advance the comic book just swipe side to side. Remember to tap once from anywhere in the app to open up the virtual slider that will return you to any location in the comic book. I probably will never change my mind about clowns, but what about you. Do you like clowns? This iPhone app is FREE, but if you get hooked there is another Clown Commandos #2, which will run you $0.99. CM

Clown Commandos #1 - Big Red Boot Entertainment

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