Crystal War Blood Field – RPG Meets RTS; Can You Survive?

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You will need a sharp mind and skill to do well in Crystal War Blood Field (by Digitalfrog), a castle defense game where you build and strategize an army of goblins or humans successfully through 3 game modes and 88 levels of intense gameplay in order to lead your army to victory. Crystal War Blood Field follows up where Crystal War left off by supplying a massively requested network or online game mode — which this game provides. The gameplay is huge whether you’re playing alone or against others. Obviously in network mode you can play against various individuals, and your ranking or skill level is dependent upon how you win or lose in both network or single player, or non-network game mode. The single player game mode against the artificial intelligence (AI) is not easy, but fortunately there are a number of skills, items, and battle units to use to ultimately win through the 88 levels of gameplay.

Crystal War Blood Field iPhone Game App ReviewsCrystal War Blood Field iPhone Game App Reviews

Single mode or offline mode provide 2 episodes (including an extra mode), which are extreme battle challenges. There is also an unlimited mode for more gameplay. Choose either human or goblin races, each with their own number of worker and battle units used to create the strongest, fiercest army to achieve Crystal War Blood Field dominance. There are lots of items to purchase with gold coins that can be earned through battle and/or purchased indirectly through gem in app purchasing. You will find this game hard to put down, whether you are playing the network or non-network game mode, especially if your winning. If you’re not winning, then earn or purchase some skills, regroup, and give it another go. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Crystal War Blood Field iPhone App Details

Title: Crystal War Blood Field
Price: $0.99 on sale (regular price $1.99)
Category: Games
Size: 24.3 MB
Developer: Digitalfrog
Store: iTunes App Store

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Crystal War Blood Field - Digitalfrog

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Crystal War Blood Field iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
RPG meets RTS in the most gripping multi-player game yet! Crystal War: Blood Field picks up where Crystal War left off—introducing a much requested multi-player feature. Choose your character class (human or goblin) and face off against other players in network mode to determine victory. Dozens of character types, skills to manage, and battlefields to dominate await you in this perfect fusion of strategy and role-playing. Or, prove yourself against the sophisticated NPC AI. Either way, you’ll find yourself immersed in the heat of battle, fighting for the chance to prove your wits and strength against one more enemy.

■ ■ ■ Real-Time Strategy

Crystal War: Blood Field creates tension by incorporating an engaging level of real-time strategy. In order to defeat your warlord opponent, you must have the resources to build an army. Mining crystal gives you those resources—protecting the miners, however, presents another challenge.

■ ■ ■ RPG

Crystal War: Blood Field isn’t just about bigger and badder enemies. As the game progresses, your resources, inventory, and characters themselves evolve. Each victory is a step toward equipping your character with new and better skills designed to decimate your opponents.

■ ■ ■ Features:

▶ Build an unstoppable army!
16 units compose the human army, from simple workman to swordsmen, elven allies, and heavy artillery. The 13 units which make up the goblin army provide a formidable force to be reckoned with, including goblins, trolls, and the terrifying Balrog. Each unit offers its own set of characteristics and abilities.

▶True strategy!
The variety of units and the ability to develop skills and collect items according to your preferred combat tactics make Crystal War: Blood Field one of the only games which truly challenges your ability to strategize.

▶Play against other real-world opponents!
You asked, we delivered! Not only does Crystal War: Blood Field offer a variety of modes of play in single player mode, you can now play against real life opponents across our network. Choose unlimited mode or rivalry mode, and set your own objectives!

▶See how your skills stack up!
Test your prowess against real opponents, rack up achievements, and check your rankings. Crystal War: Blood Field is also OpenFeint enabled.

▶Get swept away!
The combination of RPG elements and RTS is an explosive, addictive experience. Players will be captivated by the need to improve, finesse, and expand their strategies in order to ensure complete victory. Crystal War: Blood Field is a gaming experience like none other.

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