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CSR Classics, Fun Racing Game, But Watch Your Wallet (Video)

The new CSR Classics freemium drag-racing game is identical to CSR Racing, but features classic cars. And although it’s fun to play, this game pushes in-app purchases that could cost you some serious cash out of your pocket.

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Overall the gameplay is good, but at times I felt like a test monkey when these green words popped up on the screen, “Get Ready To Shift.” Other than learning how to feather the RPMs at the start of each race, there is not much more to this game.

And yes, while each car does have its own shift points, the gameplay’s fun factor is seriously limited. Additionally, the requirement to constantly upgrade and get new cars made me feel like a “crack addict” when playing this game.

The drug pusher in this game (or “in app pusher”) is the timely agent who pops up with “car deals” for you or encourages you to upgrade your ride.

CSR Classics can be fun for awhile, but it’s the strong push for your cold, hard cash that makes this app a Top Grossing iOS game!

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