Cut The Rope Game, Feed Om Nom Or Else! (Android Video Review)

This Cut The Rope game video shows you how to play this now classic, award winning super fun casual physics puzzle game. Not that you can’t figure this out for yourself, but we love the this game and had a lot of fun playing, enjoy!

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Your objective in this game is to feed “Om Nom” candy by solving each level of fun arcade puzzle gameplay. The graphics are nice and simple, music is good, and the puzzle quality gets increasingly more difficult. Cut The Rope, featuring the lovable Om Nom candy eating monster, is also available for the iPhone, iPad and Kindle Fire devices.

There have been many updates over time, and now this fun casual puzzle game has a whopping 375 levels of mind tingling rope puzzle gameplay.

The Cut The Rope game has become a benchmark mobile app for all developers to emulate who wish to create an awesome physics puzzle game app!

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