CWC Food and Wine Pairing Wheel…Super Easy to Be Wine Smart!

CWC Food and Wine Pairing Wheel iPhone app makes it stupid easy to figure out the correct wine to match the food you want to eat. Think of the cool uses of this app: look cool/smart on dates, impress your boss, one up your family and more great uses to make you look “wine smart.” While this app is primarily good at one thing, pairing wine with food, I would like a section on basic definitions of the wines themselves. Regardless, this wine app that will be living on my iPhone for quite awhile. Watch our iPhone video app reviews for awesome iPhone app videos. CM

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CWC Food and Wine Pairing Wheel iPhone/iPod Touch App Details

Title: CWC Food and Wine Pairing Wheel
Price: FREE
Size: 3.8 MB
Category: Lifestyle
Developer: CITRRUS LLC
Store: iTunes App Store

CWC Food and Wine Pairing Wheel iPhone/iPod Touch App Download Link

CWC Food and Wine Pairing Wheel - CITRRUS LLC

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for review of this iPhone application.

CWC Food and Wine Pairing Wheel iPhone/iPod Touch App Developers Description

Get Food and Wine Pairing Tips On-the-Go with The California Wine Club’s Food and Wine Pairing Wheel.

“Bring out the best in every meal (or snack). Pair food and wine like an expert with this easy-to-use app!”—Robin Garr,

“This is the Food & Wine pairing app I recommend to my 400K+ Facebook fans.” – Marile Borden, Founder, Moms Who Need Wine

“This app could almost replace my sommelier.”—Vince Pillard, Owner, Eighty 22 Wine Bar

“This is the most fun and easy to use food and wine pairing app I have ever seen!”–The Boring Wine Guy

Do you ever second-guess yourself about which wine will work best with your meal? We’re here to help! This fun and convenient food and wine pairing tool can help you pick wines to enjoy with everything from steak to fried Twinkies®. Yum!

Use this app as your personal wine consultant:
•In restaurants, to help you pick the perfect bottle from the wine list to enjoy with your meal.
•In the grocery story, when you are picking up ingredients for your dinner.
•At home, if you need a suggestion for this evening’s dinner.

The app is intuitive and user-friendly.
•Simply pick your meal category from the top menu bar.
•Spin the wheel to find your tasty choice.
•See the wines that pair perfectly.

The wine listed in bold type is our top pick to pair with this selection. However, if one of the other suggested wines is more to your taste (or more readily available), rest assured that they will also pair well.

Why trust us? How do we know so much about food and wine pairings? Well, we’ve been tasting, enjoying and sharing our favorite pairings for over 21 years.

Since 1990, we’ve been introducing wine lovers like you to award-winning, limited-production wines from California’s best small “mom & pop” wineries. These are exceptional wines that, due to the limited quantities produced, often can’t be found outside the winery itself (you won’t find them at the grocery store). We hand-select each and every bottle, and then provide an armchair tour of the featured winery with our Uncorked® magazine. Uncorked includes wine pairing suggestions, winery recipes, interviews with the winemakers, insight into California’s wine scene, wine country travel tips and more! Every month brings a new winery and a new adventure. If you are interested in discovering these handcrafted wines, we invite you to join us on the adventure. It pairs perfectly with our Food and Wine Pairing wheel! To learn more about us, please visit

Important Safety Tip: Wine and food are meant to be enjoyed. There are no “wrong” pairings. This pairing wheel is simply a tool to help you discover which wine varietals will bring out the best flavors in the food you are enjoying. Hopefully, you’ll find some new favorites.


Bruce and Pam Boring
The California Wine Club
Twitter: @cawineclub

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