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This Black Friday and Cyber Monday App For Android Can Save You Cash!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us once again, and the Black Friday & Cyber Monday app for the Android can save you some cash! If you are one of those people who participates in either one of these two busiest shopping days, you’ll want to give this free Android Finance app a whirl.

free cyber monday android app


Like the stand alone Black Friday app (for Android) this Black Friday and Cyber Monday app has a less than intuitive user interface. But, if there is one thing I know about “coupon cutters,” they will endure tough situations to save money. Each time you open this app you will see the cheapest gas price near you based on your GPS location. Below are the current Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads, local businesses that are offering deals, and an All Coupons feature.

The coupons are not bogus, they are for a wide variety of stores ranging from electronics, kids toys, food and just about anything you can think of. A quick rundown of the features in this “money saving app” are: Search, Barcode Scanner, Local Deal Finder, Alphabetical Store Listings, Coupon Expiration, Food, Stores, GPS Refresh, Notifications, and a Favorites section. But, this Black Friday and Cyber Monday app forces you to give up some information to unlock the Alphabetical Store Listings and Coupon Expiration, both of which are very necessary to getting the most out of this app.

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I go back to my original hypothesis: those people who want to save money will be willing to quickly give up an email, age, and zip code all in the name of saving money. Also, learning to get around in this Android app may take you a few minutes, but it shouldn’t take too long for you to figure it out. To access all navigation, simply swipe right from any screen (the navigation stays hidden unless you swipe right).

Another tip: if you are looking for the Black Friday or Cyber Monday circulars, unlock the Alphabetical Store listings to get all Black Friday and Cyber Monday circulars.

android cyber monday app


The Black Friday & Cyber Monday app is not easy to use, but if you are tenacious about saving money, you will probably still want to try this Android app out!

Download The Black Friday/Cyber Monday App – Black Friday & Cyber Monday Now!

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