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Damit, Monsters Ate My Condo iPhone Game..Insanely Enjoyable!

The demented developers of Adult Swim got together with the developers at PikPok and created an extremely fun casual game in Monsters Ate My Condo. The name sounds really stupid, but the fast paced, colorful game play quickly makes you forget the name. There are currently 2 game modes to play, endless and time attack. The objective is to either last as long as possible (endless) or score as high as possible (time attack) during either game mode. Here is the game play, you have a building (condo) with different colored levels (floors) that match a corresponding monster. The levels randomly fall on top of other levels and your objective is to match 3 liked colored levels so that those 3 or more levels turn into another color, such as bronze that you will have to match 3 to make disappear (sounds hard, but not really). Here is where the monsters come in. You have 2 monsters on the sides of your building (condo) that eat the floors you need to get rid of to match 3. The monsters prefer their own color, but sometimes you have to feed them the wrong color. But, be weary of this, too much of the wrong color and they attack your condo, potentially bringing it down to the ground. Yes, your swiping of layers can “Jenga” like topple your tower as can the monster attacks. When you create a match 3 and you get a new color, this tends to straighten your building. Definitely a very cool game and worth the $0.99 download. Watch our other iPhone video app reviews for more awesome iPhone app videos. CM

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Monsters Ate My Condo iPhone/iPod Touch App Details

Title: Monsters Ate My Condo
Price: $0.99
Size:54.7 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Adult Swim/PikPok
Store: iTunes App Store

Monsters Ate My Condo iPhone/iPod Touch App Download Link

Monsters Ate My Condo - [adult swim]

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