Damn Savages Are Everywhere – King’s Orders: Savages — Chapter One

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King’s Orders: Savages — Chapter One (by Yorkville Games, Inc.) is a funny action game with a medieval storyline, 20 rounds of gameplay in three different difficulty levels. This slapstick-themed game reminds me of Monty Python, with a King who has no mercy for his men that get stuck doing all the hard work — in this case, keeping the savages in check. Your objective is to keep your circle of brave knights around the savage preventing its escape, but without letting your men come into contact with the savage. If your men are unfortunate enough to brush up against the savage, well, lets just say it’s not pretty, and you’re short one man — thus your circle gets smaller increasing the difficulty and comfortable space available.

King's Orders: Savages - Chapter One iPhone App ReviewKing's Orders: Savages - Chapter One iPhone App Review

You can play this game in 3 difficulty settings, each having 20 rounds of savage-containing gameplay that gets quite difficult as you advance in additional rounds (with an ever increasingly angry and unpredictible savage). King’s Orders: Savages Chapter – One is a unique and silly action game that will put a smile on your face and is bound to amuse you. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

King’s Orders: Savages – Chapter One iPhone App Details

Title: King’s Orders: Savages – Chapter One
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 17.5 MB
Developer: Yorkville Games, Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

King’s Orders: Savages – Chapter One iPhone App Download Link

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King’s Orders: Savages – Chapter One iPhone App Developers Description

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King’s Orders – Contain the Savage without hurting it. The Soldiers, reluctant and not particularly fond of their jobs, risk life and limb to capture loose Savages outside the King’s Castle. Savage after Savage, round after round, the Soldiers grow increasingly scared and tired while their King runs off to get the cages. It’s safe to say he is definitely NOT the bravest in the Kingdom!

Great game play and comedy combined with the best features of Apple’s iOS makes King’s Orders a truly unique and fun filled experience for all to enjoy.

Object of the Game:

• The 15 soldiers must contain the Savage while avoiding its attacks.

• Tilt the device to move the group of locked arm soldiers.

• Each new round is 5 seconds longer than the last. There are 20 rounds.

What’s new

– Additional backgrounds
– New scoring system with multiplier
– Reduced file size
– Fixes and general improvements

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