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Fun Learn and Play Daniel Tiger Game Teaches Kids’ Routines (Video)

Young kids will love learning morning and nighttime routines with Daniel Tiger in the Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night app by PBS Kids. This iOS Universal Education Games app is based on the hit TV series Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and stars Daniel Tiger. With a little direction from Daniel, and his dad and mom, kids will help Daniel complete his daily tasks. The Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night app has fun sing-along songs, 8 interactive Daniel Tiger games with imaginative play activities, and a musical timer to help keep routines on track.

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Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night App Features

• 8 Engaging Morning and Nighttime Routines
– Get Dressed
– Breakfast
– Brush Teeth
– Shoe Time
– Bath Time
– Brush Teeth
– Pajama Time
– Bedtime Story

• Sing-Along Songs
Play the Good Morning and Good Night songs at any time to reinforce each routine and make them familiar and fun.

• A Musical Timer

Use the built-in timer for some of your family’s morning and bedtime routines to help you and your child stay on task. The timer can be used to help children know how long they should brush their teeth.

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