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Dark Avenger – Delivers Punishing Hack and Slash Gameplay!

Dark Avenger is a free-to-play hack and slash game featuring 3 game modes, 3 player classes, real time global player vs player, and infinite dungeon gameplay!

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Ready for some intense hack and slash gameplay? If you’re not, then don’t download Dark Avenger. This game features several game modes to quench just about anyone’s Hack and Slash appetite. You can crawl through the Dungeons alone as a campaign, then again for timed gameplay to earn more gold and extras. Or you can climb the Infinity Tower, floor by bloody floor, in a hardcore survival game mode, which is most challenging. And if that is not enough for you, you can enter the Death Match for online player vs. player global gameplay.



Dark Avenger is really quite a good game that doesn’t skimp on challenging gameplay. You start out as a Templar, and you hack and slash your way through your chosen game mode leveling up along the way. There are plenty of items to find such as armors, weapons, gems and whatnot, as well as plenty of gold. Eventually you will come up against a Boss and they tend to be a bit difficult the first go around. But, after you level up a bit, go back and give those bosses another try. They’re not so tough. That being said, the furnace bosses that spew fire and pound the blood out of you are always tough.



All game modes were fun. However, Death Match did not appear to match my player’s level with the level of others, and I got slaughtered. I would recommend leveling up a bit, getting some sweet weapon and better armors before entering this game mode.

Dark Avenger is an intense Hack and Slash game that features good RPG elements and plenty of dungeon crawling.

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