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Dark Summoner – 350 Ghoulish Monsters!

Pick your guild and allies carefully, and destroy your enemies in this Dark Fantasy online Social Game featuring 350 ghoulish monsters. Dark Summoner (by Ateam Inc) is a comprehensive online battle game where your goal is to become the overall victor of the monster realm, but your path to victory isn’t that easy, because there are a lot of formidable foes within the 3 different guilds, the massive 350 monsters to contend with, as well as the Dark Lords.

After selecting your guild (Sin, Rancor, and Tyranny), you’ll embark upon your quest for complete domination. First, you must summon monsters to form your battle formation. This is done by using either AP (allie points) or SP (soul points), which don’t come easy, but you do have a certain amount to get you started. There are 350 monsters (with more being added regularly), and they are ranked on an A,B,C,D grading system, with “A” being the best, of course.

Once you have a couple of monsters in place, you must start doing missions to support your guild and to level-up and gain experience and gold for yourself. At the end of each mission area there is a boss battle that will conclude that area, leading you to another. There are Battles where you can take on others, primarily from opposing guilds and raids, but you need certain items to take these on, and my favorite part — Sacrifices.

Dark Summoner FREE iPhone Game App ReviewsDark Summoner FREE iPhone Game App Reviews

As you go about your missions, you’ll collect a wide variety of monsters that can be used to sacrifice for their soul energy which helps another monster of your choice level-up in all character areas like attack, hit points, etc. The developers enlisted some pretty big talent in the gaming world to do the great graphics and what not; you’ll quickly see for yourself when you enter into the app — take a look at some of the animations as well as cut away shots. Dark Summoner is surely a quest iPhone game that will lead you down a complex path of missions, battles, team management, raids and more  to become the ultimate Dark Summoner champion — but do you have what it takes to win in this Dark Fantasy online Social Game?
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Dark Summoner iPhone App Details

Title: Dark Summoner
Price: Free
Category: Games
Size: 16.9 MB
Developer: Ateam Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

Dark Summoner iPhone App Download Link

Dark Summoner - Ateam Inc.

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Dark Summoner iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

Dark Summoner is OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day! Download the Game Channel app to get a FREE game every day!

FREE High-Quality DARK FANTASY Social Online Game. Play with Others and BATTLE!!
Plenty of Impressive Monster Designs and Dark World Content to Enjoy!!

★★★★★ Three Guilds at War
Choose who to follow and destroy all enemies on your path to victory!

★★★★★ Famous Illustrators & Exceptional Presentation
Collaborated with famous artists to deliver twisted & nightmarish monsters.
Includes professional CG movies to present in-game action.

★★★★★ Over 350 Types of Deadly Monsters
Create an army that will make your enemies cower in fear.
More and more monsters will be added frequently.

★★★★★ Monthly Events & Free Updates
Always something to achieve for your Guild.
Game world will continue to grow as you play.

★★★★★ Sacrifice! Death is Power!
Make use of your weaker monsters…
Use their life force to power up other monsters in your army.

★★★★★ Make Allies & Defeat Dark Lords
Powerful Dark Lords must be defeated before they join you.
You will need to work with Allies and attack together!

NOTE: This is an online game and needs a connection to the internet.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch (iOS version 4.3.5 or later)
This app may not work properly if your device’s time setting is incorrect.
iOS 4 Users:
Settings → General → Date & Time, then select the correct time zone.
iOS 5 Users:
Use the method above or choose [Set Automatically] in the [Date & Time] screen.

※Depending on your device’s reception, there are occurrences when the game will load slowly and not play smoothly. This can be fixed by restarting the app or restarting your device. Sorry for the inconvenience.

What’s new

-Change position of shortcuts.
-Additional function for Social Platforms.
-Minor bugfix.

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