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Dead Ahead App, Someone’s Head Is Going To Roll – Yours? (Video)

The Dead Ahead app is sort of a new take for iOS endless runner games. Hop onto your scooter and flee from the undead as you slaughter your way through 4 game areas using 7 motorbikes, and plenty of weapons to take out the pursuing zombies with!

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YouTube Video Link: Dead Ahead App Review for iPhone (Gameplay)

Dead Ahead is a macabre story of a young dude who is just trying to keep his brains inside his head. It has the same old zombie game story, but this Chillingo offering has got a little depth. The storyline is well done, graphics are cool, game difficulty is just right, and the added bit of humor fits perfectly. You start the game as a young puke riding a sweet green scooter with the horsepower of a, well, a scooter. You are also packing a revolver, which begs the question, “Is the hero too young for a gun?”

Beyond that non-sense, you flee from chasing zombies moving left to right using a vertical bar on the far left of the screen. The remaining controls to shoot and speed up are on the bottom left. The controls were not designed very well, but could possibly be that way to make the game more challenging since this is a free app. The in app purchase for $2.99 gives you 100,000 gold coins, do go a long way. And you can earn more coins by completing achievements.

The Dead Ahead app is a decent and fun endless runner game.

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