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Dead On Arrival 2, Not Bad But Not A Great Zombie Shooter, Yet! Video

I wanted to love this Dead on Arrival 2 game, but the difficulty of this decent zombie shooter game requires consistent upgrades, using mid-round mods to survive past wave 8 and beyond!

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This Android App Video shows you how this arcade game plays and why you will probably need a mid-round mod to stay alive after wave 8. The problem is, the zombie hoards overwhelm you if you do not have some type of “mod” (power-up) to help you stay alive. I dig the game settings, the backstory, graphics and sounds, but there needs to be a better balance in game difficulty.

Dead On Arrival 2 is worthy of a download, but you may find yourself stuck in Groundhog Day, arriving to wave 7 or 8 and then dying over and over. This game is also available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Kindle Fire (see download links below).

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