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Dead Shot Zombies 2 – Cheesy, But Challenging Android FPS

Dead Shot Zombies 2 is a cheesy zombie first-person shooter (FPS) game for the Android. Mainly because it is a copy of Dead Trigger, but besides this, the enemy movements are weird and graphics are just okay. But, Dead Shot Zombies 2 is still pretty good with lots of weapons, ugly zombies, and challenging gameplay.

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Dead Shot Zombies 2 has just about the same opening game area as Dead Trigger, an awesome First Person Shooter Game. This is very common in Google Play, but not as much in iTunes due to Apple’s copyright rules. The Dead Trigger influences in this game mostly stop there. Dead Shot Zombies 2 does have similar gameplay to Dead Trigger, but a few things are whack. The zombie graphics overall are a “C+” at best and the zombies float weirdly as they come at you.



Funny enough, the weird zombie movement makes the zombies harder to shoot. The game difficulty is also increased with sensitive gun aiming, fast approaching zombies, and shadows that hide the zombies.

Dead Shot Zombies 2 is no Dead Trigger, but it is worth the time to download and play!




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