Dead Trigger 2 Android App Video Review (Gameplay)

This Dead Trigger 2 Android game video shows you what’s under the hood in this new zombie shooter game.

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This new Dead Trigger 2 Android game features real-time story development gameplay. This means the gameplay changes based on community user participation. Initially I was not sold on this type of gameplay because there was too little gameplay. As you will see in this Android App Video Review, there was only US and North Africa when I reviewed this app. Since then, a new North Africa location has been added. I suspect there will be continuous game content additions, which makes Dead Trigger 2 a great free-to-play zombie shooter game.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this Android Dead Trigger 2 App Video!

If you did not watch the video, I encourage you to do so. You will see various new game modes gameplay including: sniper, defend, search and destroy, and even some big gun shooting out of a helicopter.

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Zombie Shooter App Video ReviewDead Trigger Two App Video ReviewDead Trigger 2 Android App Video Review


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