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Dead Trigger 2, Updated Into A Fantastic Mobile Zombie Shooter Game!

Dead Trigger 2 has been updated for mobile iOS apps and Android OS, turning the original version into one of the best mobile zombie shooter games. Find out what is new in this epic zombie killing game, what the original game played like, how the new updated game plays, and how you can earn more cash post update!

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When Dead Trigger 2 first came out in 10/2103 it was a fresh zombie shooter game, but it had limited gameplay designed around the “Real Time Story Development” and gameplay reward balance issues. However, with several updates to both the iOS and Android OS versions, namely the latest update, this game has almost everything you could ever want in a first person shooter game.

iPad App Review for Dead Trigger 2

What’s New

  • Video Sharing
  • New Weapons
  • Friends
  • New Warfare
  • Environments
  • Auto-heal
  • Permanent Money Booster
  • New Production
  • Warfare Tweaks

Original Gameplay

Dead Trigger 2 starts in the USA map with the story mode and several “task oriented” mission game modes. Some of those missions included: Escort, Operations, and Defend. As I continued playing I was surprised to find new shooting game modes, specifically the sniper missions called Sentinel and FPS shooting from a helicopter with a great big ole gun, which I am quite fond of. As far as first impressions, I found this Dead Trigger game to be very solid. The graphics are awesome, sounds perfect, and visual effects are great (including dripping water), which is what makes this zombie killing game one of the best.

Zombie Shooter Game iPad App Review

However, I quickly completed the USA campaign and was thrust into Africa where I completed that campaign in short order. In doing so, you rescue a Medic, Engineer, Gunsmith, Smuggler, and a Tech guy who all make up the cast of helpers for your Hideout. Your Hideout is where you can research and build new weapons (Gunsmith), explosives/ammo (Engineer), get pain killers to stay alive longer (Medic), and score pricey boosts (Smuggler). The Tech guy does not make anything for you, but upgrading him determines how much your cash payout is for each mission completed and allows you to upgrade the other Hideout helpers.

After Major Update

The initial version of Dead Trigger 2 Android and iOS had a stiff rewards system that paid meager amounts of cash and little gold. Additionally, the “Real Time Story Development” was weird and you never knew when new story episodes were going to be available. However, hats off to MADFINGER for apparently taking user generated feedback and balancing this game’s reward system with the gameplay modes. Now you can earn much more cash and there are numerous achievements that reward you with nice amounts of gold, which ultimately provides a much better gaming experience.

Previously, purchasing boosts from the Smuggler helper was only possible with purchased gold. Now, through game achievements, as mentioned, you can pick up boosts which really change the game when used. For example, using a money boost for 1 hour only costs 15 gold pieces, but you get double money for each mission allowing you to really rack up some cash. Another issue solved with the update is the ability to upgrade your helpers, weapons, explosives, and etc. Upgrading your helpers costs significant cash the higher you go, but now this is reachable.

Dead Trigger 2 First Person Shooter Game iPad App Review

Other noticeable changes include AI helpers in various mission game modes, more golden pigs, and new visual lighting effects when going inside and outside during gameplay. You can also now video record your missions on the more high-powered tablets and smartphones to share with others. There are new game areas, new weapons, auto heal, a permanent money booster, and gameplay rewards are based on score not kills.

All in all, the only other feature you could possibly want in this game besides more weapons is co-op or multiplayer gameplay. That would take this zombie shooter game over the top. Hopefully, this is yet to come!

Dead Trigger 2 is a great first person zombie shooter that currently has a permanent home on my iPad Air – and is played daily! As an extra from all my time playing, I’ll list the various ways that you can earn more cash and gold while playing this game.

How To Earn More Cash and Gold

– Buy the Money Booster
– Play more Operations and Defend game modes where you can rack up points since you control when the mission ends
– Look for the Golden Pigs everywhere
– Upgrade Tech
– Purchase the permanent Money Booster
– Score more points to get the max reward for each city currently under attack
– Upgrade weapons, explosives for easier zombie killing
– More headshots, butcher, and body part dismembering gives/earns you more cash
– Kill bosses on the outside of barriers to collect the cash they drop

iPad App Review for the Dead Trigger 2 Game

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Dead Trigger 2
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 02/26/2014
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About the Developer, MADFINGER GAMES

MADFINGER GAMES is a development house in the Czech Republic made up primarily of veteran console game developers who are now making mobile games for the iOS and Android OS mobile platforms.

About Michael Vallez

Michael Vallez - (CrazyMike) is the Founder of Mike is a regular guy who has a tech side, specifically a love for mobile apps and touch gaming. He is a retired cop, husband, father, and son. Current Devices: Galaxy Note 3, iPad Air, Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HDX. Twitter - @MichaelVallez.


  1. Morten Skogly says:

    Kind of confused after completing the Africa campaign. Can’t seem to find the Tripoli mission.

    • Yes, not sure when you started playing but if you started fresh you play through USA then part of Africa. Once you kill the huge zombie you start the Real Time Story Development. I am currently in El Golea in Africa. I am a bit disappointed because of the lack of any co-op gameplay and the Real Time Story Development is rather boring. But, the game is still a great zombie shooter. Hope this helps!


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