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Dead Trigger, by MADFINGER Games, has head shots, limb shots, and total carnage on the menu in this first person shooter Android game. There are loads of weapons, items, different game areas as well as game modes to keep you busy for a while.

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The game overall is awesome, but has an increased difficulty factor to make you earn your cash and experience, to encourage in app purchases. Overall the controls were decent, yet I still am not a fan of the cramped controls on the bottom right, now with the iron sight it is even a bit worse. The weapons are plentiful, items are fun, especially the “Head-Flator” which makes zombie heads bigger allowing for easier headshots, and works great by the way, just see the video below.
The key to the fun factor in this game are the numerous game modes, like picking up boxes, killing all “Walkers,” as well as protecting doors and more.

The graphics are awesome, different types of zombies keep things fresh, and the varied game modes/difficulty make the game highly replayable. DEAD TRIGGER is a must download for any FPS fan with either an Android, iPhone, or iPad.

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