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Physics puzzler games like Perfect Balance HD require the player to balance objects successfully to complete the many puzzles in the game, as other physics genre games do. Imperfect Balance (by ttursas) turns these types of games on their heads by changing the rules and gameplay — now the goal of the game is to deconstruct the objects that appear before you on the 150 levels of gameplay, featured in 3 different game packs.

Imperfect Balance HD iPad app reviewImperfect Balance HD iPad app review

Initially, I thought this would be super easy, and as usual, I was super wrong (just ask Mrs. CrazyMike). The objects are placed and wedged on platforms so that you will have to use skill to maneuver the given objects above the dotted line, to displace and ultimately drop the pre-placed level objects. But no worries, ttursas is nice enough to provide bombs and flames to help you wreck everything in your path to get the elusive “perfect strike” score (by removing all pre-placed objects from a level). Imperfect Balance for the iPad is a steal at only $0.99, especially for those with even a hint of physics puzzle game liking in their system. As an added bonus the developers at ttursas were generous enough to provide us with 6 Imperfect Balance HD promo codes. If you would like one of these promo codes, simply leave a comment below and we will give you one — first come will be first served. Remember, Imperfect Balance will mess with your mind. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. Crazy Mike

Imperfect Balance HD iPad App Details

Title: Imperfect Balance HD
Price: $0.99
Size: 37.3 MB
Category: Games
Developer: ttursas Ltd
Store: iTunes App Store

Imperfect Balance HD iPad App Download Link

Imperfect Balance HD - ttursas Ltd

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Imperfect Balance HD iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad
Unbalance towers, make constructions fall, or just blow them to pieces with bombs. Do you dislike all those games where you need to balance blocks with super precision? In this game you can make those blocks pay! Sit back and enjoy the explosions!

Imperfect Balance HD is a physics puzzle game where the objective is to clear the levels of loose blocks. It contains the three popular Imperfect Balance games with lots of modifications to the levels, high quality HD graphics, BGM and SFX, improved controls and glass physics, and it’s just the most complete Imperfect Balance experience there is.

* Trains your brain, and you can still have a blast!
* 150 levels split into three games
* Plenty of improvements to the original levels, and we’ve replaced some completely with better puzzles
* Every level has multiple solutions, and simpler solutions are worth more points
* HD graphics
* Nicer particle effects, more special effects, and smoother polygons on iPad 2
* Supports OpenFeint and Game Center with achievements

* More background musics
* Better graphics

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