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DEER HUNTER 2014, Awesome Hunter Simulation Game (Video)

Lock and load and prepare for a good hunting experience when playing the DEER HUNTER 2014 simulation game. This Android game features different game modes, a variety of weapons, several unique areas, and over 100 species of animals to hunt!

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Glu Mobile eases up their pushy attempts for in app purchases and provides us a great simulation hunter game. I easily played up to level 6 before running out of energy, all without spending a penny. There are several gun types to use and unlock: rifle, shotgun, assault rifle and pistol .

Weapon upgrades are essential if you want to progress in this game. I was able to easily earn enough cash to upgrade my weapons, again, before spending any “real cash.”

DEER HUNTER 2014 is great hunting simulation game. Watch the Video App Review to see how this game plays!

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