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Deer Hunter 2014, Hunt or Be Hunted Simulation Game (Video)

Glu throttles down their militant pay-to-play formula delivering an enjoyable Deer Hunter 2014 iPad game. It appears that Glu Games has eased up their pay-to-play difficulty for the better. You’ll find that Deer Hunter 2014 is definitely a much better Glu game, allowing gameplay up to level 6 without any in-app purchases.

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However, there is still a strong push to spend money with an ever present rechargeable energy meter. But, if you can wait it out for 1/2 an hour to an hour, the energy meter will fully refill. Watch the Deer Hunter 2014 video and you will see examples of Hunter Series, Trophy Hunts, and Contract Hunts.

Overall, Deer Hunter 2014 is a really good hunter simulation game that starts off a bit easy, but gets harder as you go!

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