Defender Chronicles – A Different Tower Defense Game

Defender Chronicles – Legend of the Desert King by Chillingo for the iPhone and iPod Touch is a slight bit different than the many iOS Games. Defender Chronicles is a tower defense game “action” with “strategy” game play. What are you talking about CrazyMike? This game is based on defending your castle, but you do it by building assets to protect your castle. Then you can either speed time up or slow it down, similar to a role playing game/strategy game. This in my opinion makes Defender Chronicles different than Stickwars, Battle Shock, or other action only flicking “tower defense games.” Fieldrunners is closer to this game than the others, but Defender Chronicles takes this app into a huge story line with epilogues (big word). Defender Chronicles has been a little pricey, but this weekend Chillingo has dropped the price to $0.99. (for complete game play watch the video app review below). CM Defender Chronicles - Legend of The Desert King

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Chronicles Defender - Warriors of The Old Path - Menara Games

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