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Defense Zone – 200 Waves Of Terror….Can You Survive? (Video)

Defense zone by Artem Kotov is a well made tower defense game featuring stunning graphics, lots of gameplay, and upgradeable turrets to help you survive the massive waves of enemy attacks.

Defense zone is a Tower Defense game that stands out graphically, as well as for its game sounds and overall gameplay. The game engine is a little more challenging than other TD games I have played. There is a strategy that you must figure out for each wave, because you will constantly want more turrets than you have available money, and buying the wrong turrets will allow your enemy to penetrate your base, eventually ending your game.

Another nice feature of this app is that while there are already 200 waves or levels of gameplay, you can play this game in easy, medium, and hard difficulty mode allowing for plenty of replay value.

Defense zone is an awesome TD game that looks, sounds and plays great on the iPhone, providing for an excellent gaming experience.

Defense zone iPhone App Details

Title: Defense zone
Price: $1.99
Category: Games
Size: 161.2 MB
Developer: Artem Kotov
Store: iTunes App Store

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Defense zone iPhone Game App ReviewsDefense zone iPhone Game App Reviews

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