Dinorama – Whimsical and Fun Money Education App For Kids

Dinorama will give your kids a great entrepreneurial lesson as they take charge and run their very own dinosaur park. This whimsical and fun money Education app will help kids quickly learn the value of money and time management as they play to complete tasks and make all kinds of decisions to run their dinosaur park successfully.

Dinorama Kids Education App

Just like any business, it cost money to make money, but Dinorama makes the whole process a lot of more exciting for kids. To start, your child will need to buy dinosaurs, feed them, and take care of their habitats to keep them happy…or they just might run away. Kids also learn how to earn money and invest in other attractions that’ll keep their visitors happy, and make them more money in the process.

In addition, kids will need to hire helpers and deal with unpredictable situations that put a damper on business earnings such as bad weather, rising food costs, and more. And being a money Education app, Dinorama even teaches kids the importance of saving money and introduces them to a piggy bank where they’ll also learn about earning interest.

Dinorama is an iPhone and iPad app time management and money education app that helps teach kids about time management and money in a fun way. You can download this app now using the App Store link below. To find out more about this kids’ game, read the Dinorama App Features below.


Dinorama App Features

As a park owner, they’re in charge of everything from buying food and habitats for their dinosaurs to selling popcorn and hiring employees. And more.

  • Feed herbivores and carnivores with your finger!
  • Five whimsical dinosaurs in eight distinct colors, with more on the way!
  • Learn about dinosaurs by hiring a tour guide
  • Pop popcorn, inflate balloons, and photograph visitors
  • Clean and repair your park
  • Help visitors find their favorite dinosaur
  • Locate Lost & Found items


  • New & Noteworthy, Apple
  • Editor’s Choice, USA Today
  • USA Today’s Jinny Gudmundsen: “This app does a fabulous job of teaching kids about money and time management. It even introduces a bank where kids can earn interest.”
  • Editor’s Pick, Common Sense Media
  • 5/5 Awesome, MacLife Magazine

Dinorama Best iPhone Kids App

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