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The dinosaur app, Fantastic Dinosaurs HD is one of the coolest encyclopedia apps around on the subject of dinosaurs. Educators and dinosaur enthusiasts alike will appreciate this interactive app that features multiple languages (English and French), a top-notch user interface, 130 dinosaurs, and pterosaurs and prehistoric animals that you and your kids can discover and explore together.

Dinosaur App Fantastic Dinosaurs HD

This Education/Reference app was designed for kids 9 – 11+ years of age. Fantastic Dinosaurs HD comes with great quality HD photos and detailed information sheets for all included animals. You and your kids will discover information that covers topics on: proper name and meaning, period of existence, locations of fossils found, size, weight, feeding habits, and much more.

While exploring in this interactive dinosaur app, you’ll also have an opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with amazingly detailed 3D dinosaur models that you can turn 360 degrees for easy viewing. In addition to that, the developer gives you plenty of opportunities to view human/dinosaur size comparisons. And for more education content, the Fantastic Dinosaurs HD app includes 24 frequently asked questions by kids — with answers.

Fantastic Dinosaurs HD, Best Dinosaur app for iPad

Fantastic Dinosaurs HD App features

– 130 dinosaurs, pterosaurs and other prehistorical animals with a detailed sheet
– Names of the dinosaurs read out loud, with a high-quality sound
– A Mesozoic era timeline
– 95, 360° interactive views including 30 views of dinosaurs fighting
– Almost 1000 breathtaking HD pictures
– 130 HD pictures displaying a dinosaur and a man / a child in order to compare their size
– A pronunciation guide
– A size comparison area for dinosaurs from the same group
– 24 most frequently asked questions
– A quick access area and a multicriteria search area (period, location or group)
– 3 languages available : English, French & Spanish
– A simple interface fully optimized for iPad
– No in-app purchases or advertisements
– Download the whole content at once
– Access all app content while in “Airplane mode” without any internet connection
– Made for kids 9 – 11

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About The Developer

Oreakids designs innnovative apps for smartphones and touchpads which are both entertaining and educational.Oreakids is the eductational and youth department of the web agency Orealys, and has 15 year’s experience in multimedia. Oreakids is located in the south of France, in Toulouse.

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