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Dinosaur Train App By PBS KIDS – Kids Learn 26 Dinosaur A-Z

Dinosaur Train iPad App Review

Train and dinosaur fans will want to get onboard the Dinosaur Train for an interesting and educational tour of 26 interactive dinosaurs that kids can feed and touch in the Dinosaur Train A to Z app. In case you don’t know, Dinosaur Train is a fun and animated PBS KIDS TV series created for preschoolers. The show takes place in a prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs, and stars Buddy the Tyrannosaurus Rex and his adopted Pteranodon family. This dinosaur family goes on all kinds of educational learning adventures that start with a ride on the Dinosaur Train. This train, of course, is led by Mr. Conductor, a Troodon dinosaur. And in this A to Z dinosaur app, it’s Mr. Conductor who leads the dinosaur tour and narrates the dinosaur facts.

Kids Dinosaur Education App for iPad Review

The Dinosaur Train A to Z App Details

This iPhone and iPad Education app was created for kids 3-6 years old. It provides a multi-language reading experience with 2 different language modes: English and Spanish. It features 26 different interactive dinosaurs that your kids can move, feed, and X-ray. Dinosaur Train A to Z also comes with 50+ dinosaur facts, highlighted text during narration, a dinosaur index that classifies dinosaurs by groups, and the option to expand the dinosaur collection through in-app purchase.

The overall learning theme touches upon the subjects of natural history, life science, and paleontology. As kids learn about the 26 different dinosaur types, they are introduced to real scientific words and dinosaur terminology. That being said, the vocabulary does seem a bit advanced for such a young age group; however, young minds do learn fast. And since the dinosaur vocabulary is kept very basic and is reinforced throughout, it shouldn’t take too long for your kids to catch on to the dinosaur lingo.

How This Dinosaur Train App Rolls

If your kids watch the Dinosaur Train show, they’ll quickly recognize the characters and that fun, catchy Johnny-Cash-sounding theme song upon entering the application. There are 2 main sections to explore: Train and Dinosaurs. The Train section is the default area. Kids will have fun swiping the steam engine to hear the whistle blow and run the train down the track as it carries giant dinosaur-related letters on its connecting carts. These 26 different letters match the first letter of each dinosaur named in this mobile app. And as the app’s name implies, this ABC learning app will teach dinosaur names in alphabetical order

iPad App Review for the Dinosaur Train A to Z App

Although it’s fun to access dinosaurs in any alphabetical order using the train feature, dinosaurs can also be accessed in ABC order by swiping through pages instead. Your kids will love the colorful dinosaur replicas, graphics, and realistic sounds. Kids can tap on the moving animated dinosaur to hear its snorts and grunts and activate dinosaur movement when touching or tilting the iPhone or iPad. The gyroscope function in the iOS device is what allows on-screen objects to move when the iPhone or iPad is tilted. The overall range of dinosaur movement is a bit limited. And if the Dinosaur Train app had a 360 degree range of movement like the dinosaur app, Fantastic Dinosaurs HD app by Oreakids, it would be a great addition.

What Kids Learn On The Dinosaur Train

Once a letter is chosen from the train, kids are introduced to the dinosaur and its proper name. With each selected dinosaur also comes dinosaur related information. Kids will learn basic information for: time period, diet, physical characteristics, place where bone remains were found, and perceived behaviors.

Underneath each dinosaur replica are 4 icons that provide the dinosaur facts, food to feed dinosaurs, and a cool X-ray feature that allows your kids to see the dinosaur’s skeleton. The X-ray feature is sure to be a pleaser for kids. And feeding the dinosaurs plants and/or meaty bones is also a fun feature as well in this PBS app. Kids also have the option to easily star their favorite dinosaurs to see them appear as part of their collection in the “Favorites” area.

Best iPad App Dinosaur Train for iPad App Review

As kids explore the dinosaur facts, they will be given basic information that is presented in 1 to 2 sentences clips. Kids will learn real dinosaur names and scientific vocabulary such as: Eoraptor, Triassic period, theropods and Tyrannosaurus. And since the text is highlighted as it’s narrated, kids can follow along with words and sentences. This helps with early reading skills, word recognition and vocabulary building. Your kids can also tap an individual word at anytime to hear it spoken.

What Kids Find In The Dinosaurs Section

This “Dinosaurs” index section is all about classifying, sorting and learning about dinosaur facts. Kids can view all 26 dinosaurs in A to Z order on a variety of visual charts. Your kids can easily sort and view dinosaurs by the following icon classifications:

– Whole Group: explore all 26 dinosaurs from A to Z
– Diet: Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore
– Physical: Bipedal (walked on 2 legs), Quadruped (walked on 4 feet), Marine (water/sea)
– Time Period: Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous
– Favorites: see their own collection of dinosaur favorites

The Dinosaurs index is a great part to this kids’ app, but the addition of a quick definition of each classification, when a category icon is tapped on, would help reinforce the scientific vocabulary and help kids connect the dots faster.

Dinosaur Train App For iPad Review

By browsing through the Dinosaurs index, I discovered that most of the dinosaurs in this app are from the Cretaceous Time Period. But your kids can expand the dinosaur collection beyond this through in-app purchase of additional dinosaur packs. Currently there are 2 dinosaur packs that contain 10 dinosaurs each: Horned/Armored/Crested, and Big Dinosaurs. These are available for $0.99 each. And there are several more title packs coming soon for the following dinosaur packs: Carnivores, Winged & Feathered, In The Water, and Surprise.


The graphics are great and young kids will enjoy feeding the dinosaurs and exploring other fun and kid-friendly aspects. And fans of the Dinosaur Train show are bound to love it too. Although I wouldn’t call it a really fun app, it’s a fun Education app. Almost all of the iTunes app reviews were positive and many came from people with kids or grandkids in the 4-5 year old range.

The only real complaints were due to older iOS devices and operating systems. According the developer description, “Dinosaur Train A to Z requires iOS 6.0 or later. It is compatible with iPad 2+, iPhone 4+ and iPod touch 4+.”

So if you have any young train and dinosaur lovers in your household, the Dinosaur Train A to Z app is a good dinosaur learning resource that should be a hit with your kids.

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Developer: PBS KIDS
iOS Universal Education application, Cost: $1.99, v 1.3
Dinosaur Train A to Z
Written by: Lisa Vallez
Date Published: 03/06/2014
Interactive dinosaur Education app for kids 3 - 6 years old.
4 / 5 stars

About The Developer

PBS KIDS is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children through curriculum-based media, using new and traditional platforms to support children in their acquisition of knowledge and critical thinking skills while empowering their imagination and curiosity of the world.

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