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The much anticipated Apple iOS 5 release brings with it a learning curve that busy iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users don’t have time to figure out. Fortunately, there is an app for that called Secrets for iOS 5 by iApp Universe. This app is a matter-of-fact tips and trick tutorial that is well done, with a minimalistic approach that really works. The developers use images for each secret you need to know about, with arrows and a small amount of text to get the point across for all tips and tricks. There are over 200+ iOS 5 secrets nicely packaged in this $0.99 iPhone and iPod specific application. While this app will quickly be devoured by some (like me), others can use this as a reference for quick memory recall of cool functions their iPhone now does with iOS 5. For more iPhone video app reviews. CM

iphone app reviewsiphone app reviews

iphone app reviews

Secrets for iOS 5 iPhone App Details

Title: Secrets for iOS 5
Price: $0.99
Size: 15.0 MB
Category: Productivity
Developer: iApp Universe
Store: iTunes App Store

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Secrets for iOS 5 - iApp Universe

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Secrets for iOS 5 iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
The Hidden Secrets of iOS™ 5 Unveiled!

Do yo know how all the tips and tricks of our device, like how to email more effectively, save juice, browse better?
Looking to get the most of your iPhone and iPod touch?
There are SO MUCH about your iPhone that you do NOT know!

Major Features:


The latest iOS™ 5 tips, more on the way in the update.

200+ of tips and tricks for iPhone/iPod touch.

10+ Categories, covering battery saving tips, shortcuts, SMS & Emails, net browsing, and safety tips and some easily neglected tricks.

Save favorite tips to your list for a quicker reference.


Gorgeously designed user interface.

Intuitive user experience.

Well-organized and simple to use, flip through tips.

learn shortcuts, discover hidden features, secure your data and maximize your battery life.

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