Discovr Music App – Discovr Music In A New and Improved Way

The iOS Universal version of the Discovr Music app has recently undergone a makeover, getting a new icon, new look and even a name change from its previous Discovr – find new music. The Discovr Music app’s new name is Discovr – discover, play, and share music. This iPhone and iPad app keeps many of the same great features as the earlier version, like the awesome mind-mapping music feature, but it now includes even better features to appease the music lover in you.

Discvr iPhone Music App

This Discovr Music app is providing a more personal user experience and a really sleek user interface that makes it easier for you to follow and keep up with your favorite artists from within the application. Stay up to date on new releases, photos, videos, performances, songs and more.

In addition to hearing the usual 30 second song snippets, you can now hear the full length songs of your favorite artists right inside the app thanks to partnerships with video/music streaming outfits like Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, SoundCloud and YouTube. And you can share your favorite music with anyone, no matter what media platform they’re using. To find out more about this iOS Universal Discovr Music app, read the Discovr – discover, play, and share music App Features description below.

iPad Music App Discvr Music

Discovr – discover, play, and share music App Features

Discover and share the music you love. If you’ve used Discovr before, we think you’ll love the new version. If you’re new to Discovr, get ready for a whole world of music waiting just for you.

  • Follow your favorite artists and we’ll send you all of their music.
    (songs, videos, photos, gigs, and more)
  • Play full length songs via Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, SoundCloud, and YouTube.
    (full streaming songs right inside Discovr)
  • Discover new artists similar to your favorite bands.
    (we’ll suggest new artists for you)
  • Follow trusted people to hear the music they love.
    (we’ll bring you the music that they share)
  • Get alerts about new releases on iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio.
    (never miss a new album again)
  • Watch your favorite music videos from YouTube.
    (all the videos from the artists you like)
  • Share your favorite music, videos, artists, and music maps.
    (share everything you find with your friends)

What’s New!

  • Discovr is now more personal
    Discovr is just the music that you care about. Follow your favorite artists and we’ll bring you all their music – new releases, songs, videos, photos, gigs and more. We’ll bring you everything we can find for the artists you like.
  • Discovr is now social
    Now you can share your favorite music with anyone. The music you share goes out to your followers, and their music comes straight to you. But wait… Maybe you use Spotify, and your friends use Rdio? No problem. We’ve done the hard work so you can share anything you like, with anyone.
  • Discovr is now even more about the music
    We’ve partnered with Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, SoundCloud, and YouTube so you can play all the music that you really care about. That means you get full length streaming songs right inside the Discovr app, and you can save everything to your favorite streaming app for later.

Number 1 music app in 52 countries
3 million Discovr users across the globe.
Called “Beautiful and dynamic” in The Wall Street Journal.

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