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No one likes germs, but in Virus War Game you get a chance to be the good virus (green) and stamp out the nasty red viruses. This real-time strategy game requires immediate decision making with rapid hand-eye coordination to quickly take control of the neutral virus — then wipe out the nasty red viruses. The game is played in a petri dish with a different game set up each time. For example, the game starts with you controlling a green virus or viruses with X amount of strength. Your opponent may have the same amount of virus or more and there is an undetermined amount of neutral or gray virus that is there for the taking (this will help you to dominate the game). Once the game starts, the objective is to control the entire petri dish with your green (good) virus. This takes plenty of attacks from your virus colonies and you must move fast because your enemy is trying to win control of the same petri dish, just as you are. There are 20 levels of awesome gameplay but I wish there were more. I hope the developer will consider adding more in the near future — because this game is addictive fun! For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. CM

iphone game reviewsiphone app review

Virus War Game iPhone App Details

Title: Virus War Game
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 32.6 MB
Developer: Lethal Beaver Games
Store: iTunes App Store

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Virus War Game - Lethal Beaver Games

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Virus War Game App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
These wars are invisible for a human eye. Only those who were equipped with microscopes have managed to touch the unknown. But everything has changed… You are right near the amazing, thrilling and at the same time dangerous world. Virus War is a real time strategy, that demands immediate decisions, cold foresight, accurate and well co-ordinated actions. This is the world, where every action determines the fate of the battle. Head the colony and lead it to the victory.

You create the history, all depends on you.

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