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Disney App Makes Learning American Presidents Factual and Fun!

iPad Review for Disney App Disney American Presidents

This Disney app is hands down the most fun you and your kids will ever have learning about American Presidents and American History. Disney does what it does best, and that is entertain kids of all ages. But don’t let the entertainment factor discount the educational value you’ll find in this Disney app. Along with solid educational content and historical facts, this iPad Education app comes with fun graphics, silly animations and entertaining videos that are sure to keep you and your kids engaged as you learn about all 44 Presidents of the United States.

Disney American Presidents App Details

Disney American Presidents takes the subject of American History to a whole new level. This Disney app tosses out the dull and dreaded history lesson and replaces it with an interesting and interactive virtual tour through 200+ years of American History. This virtual tour gives kids an up-close-and-personal look at the 44 US Presidents through a handsome scrapbook with animated pages. And in addition to the awesome “Unofficial Oval Office Scrapbook,” is a handy “Presidents Page” for a quick look at each president, as well as access to any presidential page located in the scrapbook. The Presidents Page also works as a great reference guide and handy tracking tool to remind you which presidents you’ve already studied.

iPad App Review for Disney American Presidents

Disney American Presidents has a lot of silly zaniness that is sure to grab and hold your kids’ attention, but this Disney app also does a great job of presenting each president and his politically defining role in American History during his presidency. Kids will see and hear the “good, the bad, and the not-so-good” surrounding each president’s time in the Oval Office.

Upon opening this Disney app you will be magically transported from the White House lawn to the desk of the Oval Office for an intriguing peek into the 88 pages of the “Unofficial Oval Office Scrapbook.” This is where you’ll find a 2 page spread for each president.

What’s on That 2 Page Spread You May Ask?

You will find lots of relevant information and entertaining facts that are displayed in a standard format for each page.

  • An official presidential photo, with the president’s full name, lifespan, and signature (Tap on a president’s signature and see it appear as an authentic signature animation)
  • An Era icon giving a historical summary for the time period of that president’s term (Era 1 is known as the Revolution and The New Nation: 1754-1820s, all the way through to Era 8 — which is the Contemporary United States: 1968-Present)
  • 3 different animation fact buttons (factoids) for relevant, interesting or fun facts about that specific president
  • A tasseled bookmark with facts: Time Served, Era, Party Vice President, and Birth State
  • 1 Sound Bite with a quote from the president delivered by a narrator or (in later times) a quote heard in the president’s own voice
  • A fun and informative video profile (2-6+ mins each) to watch summarizing the time in office, world affairs, political philosophy, greatest achievements, as well as failures.

What makes the scrapbook pages so great is that kids can’t help but focus on the fun graphics, animations, music and educational videos. Because of these, they’ll barely notice that they’re learning important history in the process. And, it’s pretty cool how Disney included time-appropriate music for each era.

Want to Know Some Fun and Interesting Presidential Facts?

  • 1st President (George Washington, 1789-1797) designed the uniforms his soldiers wore in the French and Indian War
  • 25th president (William McKinley, 1897-1901) was the first president to ride in a car
  • 30th president (Calvin Coolidge, 1923-1929) had the first White House community Christmas tree
  • 41st president (George H. W. Bush, 1989-1993) was head of the CIA for a year, and during WWII he was the youngest fighter pilot (only a teenager at the time)

Disney American Presidents Disney App Review for iPad

In addition to the 2-page spread packed with info about each president, this Disney app also comes with a “Presidents Page.” This page serves many purposes. It is a photo gallery showing all the presidents throughout history in chronological order of their presidency. This presidential chart also divides the 44 presidential terms into 8 historical eras and includes a summary explanation for each era.

Is This Disney App A Credible Resource On American Presidents?

Of course this iPad Education app is appealing, engaging and fun, but Disney American Presidents is not a “fluff” app. There is solid substance here for real educational value. Disney claims it “Maps to Core Curriculum Standards for grades 3-8.” You will find that the bulk of the real learning is found in the individual video profiles. There are 2+ hours of historically accurate content to watch, but these videos won’t put your kids to sleep like the History Channel. The Disney American Presidents app provides enough in-depth information with just the right amount of humor and animation to keep your child’s attention.

Along with some silly personal facts, the topics covered are key issues and decisions made during each president’s term, as well as the legacy each has left behind. As I’ve said, there appears to be credible educational content in this Disney app with careful attention given to its authenticity and accuracy. Information is provided by historical experts, presidential historians from the Library of Congress and Smithsonian, and White House insiders and correspondences. Although there are a few reviews in iTunes that think this Disney app leans to the Left. You’ll have to determine that for yourself.

iPad App to Learn About American Presidents

As great as I think the content and presentation are in this Disney app, there are a couple of things that could improve. One thing is the factoids. When activated they disappear too quickly, not giving the young reader enough time to comfortably read nor take in the tidbits of information provided. The other issue I had with Disney American Presidents was the page turning. I experienced delayed responses when swiping to turn pages, but if you swipe long and deliberately you should be fine.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think Disney American Presidents does an incredible job of packing in a ton of credible information about American History and our American Presidents. It’s the way Disney combines fun cartoon graphics, silly animations and educational videos into this iOS app that not only takes the learning capacity to a whole new level, but the desire to learn as well. Disney American Presidents proves that learning can be fun.

Get The American Presidents Disney App Now!

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By Disney
iOS iPad Education App, Cost: $3.99, v 1.0.1
Disney American Presidents
Written by: Lisa Vallez
Date Published: 02/17/2014
Entertaining and informative Disney Education app on US Presidents.
4.5 / 5 stars

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