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Monsters Inc. Run – Awesome for iPhone or iPad (Video)

The Disney app called Monster, Inc. Run came out a week before the updated Monsters Inc 3D movie, and has been a top selling iPhone and iPad game ever since.

App Overview

This Monsters Inc. Run, “endless runner” game is fast paced with you playing as 1 of 4 monster teams. You start off with Mike and Sully and by leveling up you will unlock other monster teams like Lenny and Phlegm, and others. There are lots of coins to collect, power-ups to use on the enemy monsters, special platforms like trap doors, trampolines, fast launcher, and more. There are 2 game modes, level gameplay and endless gameplay. Your objective in Level gameplay is to collect 3 items (sock, beach ball and teddy bear), finish as fast as you can, collect as many coins as you can, and don’t croak/die (or you’ll be no more). The Endless gameplay is just that, go as far as humanely possible for a high score.

Monsters Inc. Run is one of my all time favorite endless runner games because it has so much stuff going on. There are lots of whacky power-ups, and the feature of switching between the Mike (the little monster) or Sully (the Big monster) characters makes the Monsters Inc. Run, Disney app, a whole lot of fun to play.

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