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DIY App By BrightNest – Maintain, Clean and Organize Your Home!

There’s a free DIY app that gives you 1,000s of practical and low cost “how to” suggestions on simply maintaining your home. This DIY app covers tips and tricks on 8 different categories and even provides a personalized weekly suggestion list based on your preferences. With the Home Maintenance by BrightNest – Home Organization, Cleaning Schedule, DIY Crafts and Home Design app, you’ll discover a ton of useful information to keep you and your family happy and healthy in a home that you’ll be proud to call “Home.”

DIY App by BrightNest iPhone App Review

To get started in this iPhone Lifestyle app, you have to answer a few info specific questions about your household. The questions are relevant, like whether or not you have kids and pets, which areas of your home are to be maintained on the inside and out, and which of these household items you have in your home: a/c, furnace, boiler, or water heater. After the mundane part, it’s off to the good stuff: the helpful tips you want to receive. There are a total of 8 category choices within this app to explore: Healthy, Green, Savvy, Curious, Clean, Handy, Creative and Hungry. Based on all your choices, custom suggestions are created for you.

iPhone App Review for DIY App By BrightNestiphone-diy-app-home-maintenance-by-brightnest

There’s something I should point out about using this DIY app. You have to provide a few extra personal details to set up an account. This DIY iPhone app asks for your first and last name, email, and zip code, which gives tips based on your region and climate. Or you can choose to sign in with Facebook. There were quite a few complaints about having to provide too much personal information to use this DIY app, but honestly this seems to be the norm nowadays. If you’d prefer to check out some of the BrightNest content first, then you can visit them on their website at

Once I completed the initial process, I received my “hand-picked to-do’s.” My “Suggestions” for the week included articles on maintaining my fridge and freezer, purchasing smoke and CO detectors, conserving water, how to disinfect the 5 most germ ridden places in my home, money saving laundry tips, closet organizing tips, ideas for protecting my home from a burglary, and how to go green by reusing tea, among other things. I found the tips on creating eco-friendly air fresheners and detoxing my bedroom useful.

Home Repair App for iPhoneiPhone Home Repair App DIY By BrightNest

Each tip or trick in this DIY app comes with an expected time to complete the task and the level of difficulty. You’ll also get easy-to-follow instructions, as well as the what to do, why to do it, and when to do for each task. Each article also comes with 2 related articles with even more helpful information. You can favorite articles to be saved into your “Favorites” folder for later viewing. You can also set up a scheduled time to complete any of these suggested tasks by “Next Month, Next Week, or Custom Date.” You’ll get a helpful reminder to remind you to get it done. Get a sense of satisfaction by making off your task with a “check mark” when it’s completed. These tasks get filed in your “Completed” file.

I like the uncomplicated user navigation that made it super easy for me to search almost anything I typed in. I loved the convenience of accessing practical information in the 8 preset categories, as well as ease getting to my “Suggestions, Favorites, Scheduled, Completed or Explore (All).”

Overall, this is a great free DIY app for all home and apartment dwellers, and that goes for everyone else who eats, breathes and lives within 4 walls.

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