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DNC App – DNC 2012 Democrat National Convention App

The DNC App, DNC 2012 is an iOS Universal News application that will keep you informed of the Democrat National Presidential Convention for 2012. AT&T Services created both DNC 2012 and the Tampa 2012 Republican National Presidential Convention app. But, strangely the two applications have some stark differences with better development, functionality, and marketing going to the DNC app.

The DNC app greets you once opened with an email submission box that is tied directly to the Democratic National Party via the DNC convention committee, which after checking out the Terms of Service, allows for them to treat you as any other donar. You can skip this, but until the application was updated on my iPad today, the “Skip” text was impossible to see because it was white and was placed on top of a white background on the lower left side, tricky. The other main difference between the 2 apps is the media delivery. The DNC app was masterfully done, whereas in the Tampa 2012 app you had to search for it. It is not found until the 3rd tab under the title, Convention Without Walls (sounds like one of our local churches).



Also, when you open the DNC 2012, DNC app you get images of all the key Democratic players, including blog, live video, video, photos, and more. Both have a good user interface that is informative for people attending the convention or for those who just want to be there by being informed through the app, but the DNC 2012 app is far superior to the Tampa 2012 in delivering media news to the user. There are several other features included in the DNC 2012 app that are not in the Tampa 2012 app, but the biggest one that caught my attention was the ability to donate money to the the DNC campaign directly from the application. The Tampa 2012 app barely had images of Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan and while there was a GOP Store donating was not an option.

This confused me because AT&T Services developed both the Tampa 2012 and the DNC 2012 iOS applications. At first I assumed AT&T must lean towards the Democratic Party, but with a quick Google Search, I quickly discovered that did not appear to be the case, as AT&T has donated more money to the Republican Party since 1999 than the Democratic Party. The only answer for me is that AT&T sponsored the applications and let the specific parties develop them under a certain framework. Not sure if either of these choices is how the apps came to be or it was some other way (that’s just my guess), but if so the Democratic Party knows how to make a better app with calls to action than the Republican Party. Or at least is much bolder in their calls for action including getting donation money. We will let you be the judge, as we are not promoting either party on this website, you must decide for yourself. But no matter what your position be sure to vote if you have the opportunity.

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