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Doc and Dog, Entertainingly Fun Action Game

Doc and Dog is a “tap to fly” action game with 4 upgradable aircrafts, boosts, and many treacherous environments to fly through! This fun endless flying game provides simple “1 touch” gameplay.

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However, you will need good reflexes, timing and a bit of luck to keep Doc up in the air. Doc flies through Ocean, Desert, Mountainous, and other dangerous environments in his quest to find his best friend, Dog. Our hero, Doc, resembles the Doc from the hit movie series Back To The Future. You fly by tapping on the screen, which lifts Doc, and when you let off the screen Doc drops. While flying through each area you will also need to eat fruit, which gives Doc energy. There are also obstacles that suck Doc’s energy down and knock him off course.



Doc is very ingenious and has created several flying machines that he rides throughout the game. Activating 1 of the flying machines requires getting 3 cogs in a row to activate this power-up. The flying machines are different and can be upgraded to last longer which helps you fly farther.

Doc and Dog is a fun action game that sucked me in for a good while as I played it on my Galaxy Nexus. But this game is up against many similar games like Jetpack Joyride, among others, and does not appear to have endless gameplay. Regardless, Doc and Dog is free for the Android and iOS devices and is a worthwhile download.




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