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A quality document scanner app on the iPhone or iPad can be an indispensable tool for busy people on the go. And if you’re one of those people who needs a quick and easy way to scan receipts, business cards, reports, invoices, contracts and more, SharpScan might be the perfect document scanner app for you. This free iPhone and iPad Productivity app helps you to create, save, edit and share single and multiple PDF and image files in just a matter of seconds…and with minimal effort.

Document Scanner App

To get started creating clean and legible documents, SharpScan gives you two options to begin the process. You can create a document by taking a photo with your camera or by inserting an image from your camera roll. This document scanner app comes with several preset Auto Defaults such as auto flash, stabilization, paper size, and automatic boundary detection and cropping to make the whole document scanning process incredibly quick and easy from start to finish

But if you prefer, you do have several options to customize all your documents. You can opt to create documents with 1 or more included documents at a time, make manual adjustments to your documents by changing the automatic “Smart Crop” boundary points, rotating items, editing shadows and distractions, and even changing the processing profile to suit you needs (B&W, Gray, Color, Original). But you always have the option to revert back to your original document at any time.

There’s even simple tap and pinch gesture functionality built in that lets you zoom in and out on any photo for a magnified or enlarged look. SharpScan also allows you to change your PDF paper size using the 5 preset options that range from business card to legal letter as well as to a custom paper size of your choice. Another nice feature in this iOS application is the option to assign a PDF password to each created document.

Scan Documents Application

And when you’re all done scanning and editing your documents, you can quickly share one or many of your created documents as PDF or image files. You can also export your doc images with any of the 4 different jpeg sizes, upload them to your Dropbox account or save them to your camera roll. You can also print your documents and/or share the PDF or image files via email.

And to easily manage your list of created documents, the SharpScan document scanner app also provides you with several practical View Options. But one of the handiest features in this part of the document scanner app is the ability to batch process and edit created documents. Overall, SharpScan is easy-to-use app, especially since the developer, Pixelnetica, has included plenty of help to get you started in the form of a Quick Start Guide with videos and FAQs.

App To Scan Documents

SharpScan is a quality document scanner app to help you quickly and easily create and send PDF and images files while on the go. If you’re one of those people who needs a fast and simple way to scan everything, SharpScan might be the perfect document scanner app for you. You can download this free iOS Universal Productivity app using the App Store link below.

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