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DodgeSpot – How Long Will You Survive This Almost Impossible Games App?

If you love a challenge, have fast reflexes and good eye/hand coordination, then DodgeSpot is a must-have app for you. This 1 touch to play game is seriously challenging, yet very simplistic in design. And best of all, it’s free for iOS, Android and Kindle device owners.

DodgeSpot Game Overview

DodgeSpot is one of those simple pick-up-and-play casual games that you may find hard to put down. You’re able to quickly get into the gameplay with a fast tap on the “tap to play.” From there you simply use your finger to move the white dot around the screen while avoiding any and all other colored circles. It sounds simple enough but the thing is, “any and all other colored circles” come in various sizes and relentlessly come at you from all directions as you try to dodge them all. The object of this casual game is to avoid contact and stay alive as long as possible.

Almost Impossible Game DodgeSpot iPad App Review

Having played a lot of games in my time, I found DodgeSpot to be a fun and challenging game that kept me coming back for more. I was able to rack up the 2nd highest score of all players in the Apple Game Center leaderboards; however, this took a bit of time. While this game is nothing like Flappy Bird, it is a type of “almost impossible game” that’s similar in difficulty to Flappy Bird, and why it took a bit of an undertaking to get to that 2nd highest position.

iPad App Review for the Almost  Impossible Game DodgeSpot

The real goal to DodgeSpot, as already mentioned, is to stay alive for as many seconds, minutes, or hours as possible (good luck!). This means you must continuously guide your “precious” white ball in and out, around, and up and down while strategically avoiding all other colored circles. After each game, if your score is good enough (or even if it is not), you can share it on Twitter and Facebook. And of course, you can always go to the Apple Game Center leaderboards.

The In’s and Out’s of DodgeSpot

The gameplay may be simple but it is fast and furious, so the best way to survive is to keep on moving. You do this by navigating your white dot through big and small passageways through the ever increasing onslaught of various-sized colored circles. One tip: stay calm and look ahead. This is truly the best way to play DodgeSpot and you will find that using this strategy you will stay alive longer.

Think you can survive this nearly impossible game? Find out when you get your free download of DodgeSpot for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android or Kindle device now! (see download links below)

Video App Review for the DodgeSpot App

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Developer: JTD Games
iOS Universal Games Application, v. 1.0.4
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 09/04/2014
1 touch to play, almost impossible game, simple, possibly addictive.
3.5 / 5 stars

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