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Doodle App: DoodleBook – A Social Drawing Game (Video)

The Free doodle app, DoodleBook, for iPad and iPhone, is a unique social drawing game that will help you find your inner doodle. You doodle, I doodle, everybody doodles. Now you can doodle play, doodle dare, and doodle dig with this fun online multiplayer doodle app. This unique new doodle app takes advantage of everyone’s love to doodle draw. The game is quite brilliant in that this is a “stupid simple/common sense” idea made into a social game for the iOS platform. The gameplay is simple: you’re given a doodle, which is some form of a squiggly line to start with. From this point, it is up to you to tap into the hidden recesses of your own brain and create a doodle drawing.

There are 3 parts to this doodle app: 2 are game modes and the other is a library of sorts where you can search everyone’s doodles including yours. The 2 game modes are Doodle Play and Doodle Dare. Doodle Play is “Zen” for those who do not want to be harnessed by time or space and prefer to doodle with another online player. You can then compare each other’s doodles based on both of you starting with the same original squiggly doodle line. You can also comment on other’s doodles, favorite them and even report a doodle if the doodler goes out of bounds, possibly by submitting a “not safe for work” (NSFW) doodle. I didn’t see any edgy doodles, but I did see some awesomely drawn doodles that made me have doodle envy.

The second doodle game mode is Doodle Dare. This is where you and another doodler face off in a one-on-one doodle drawing showdown again, starting with the same exact doodle. The judges of your doodle drawing are other doodle peers and you also can judge others playing in Doodle Dare. One of the cool things about Doodle Dare is that you can earn some coins by drawing the winning doodle to purchase power-ups to increase your doodle drawing performance. The last section, Doodle Dig, is a repository for all doodle drawings made in this doodle app. They are filtered by your doodles, most popular, and latest. When you look at the most popular you will truly see some magnificent doodle art which I never expected to see in a doodle app.

DooleBook is a simple activity that comes easily to almost everyone. Many of us are guilty of doodling at work, school, or wherever or whenever we find ourselves bored (like having an ADD moment). But you won’t be bored anymore when you doodle with others for fun in this Free social drawing game!

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