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Doodle Block – So You Think You Can Balance?

Doodle Block is a 2D, physics-based, block-stacking, iPhone game that features 18 different block sizes, shapes and colors that you must stack one-by-one on a balancing beam to build the highest tower possible before the tower topples over. As the current cliche goes for apps, this app truly is “easy to play yet hard to master.” I will take that wording a bit farther and say that this app is nearly impossible to master without a lot of “Doodle Block” stacking practice.

What are “Doodle Blocks?” They are 18 different block-looking characters, each with its own unique personality, shape, size, and color. This personality element keeps the game humorous and engaging as you continue on in your balancing efforts, and the quirky music selection also makes the gameplay more enjoyable. You’ll find that the game plays fast with your goal objective to stack as many blocks as you can continuously in order to move your platform to the bottom of the screen, in this endless block-stacking game. Starting out you get a single block that pulsates from small to large size, tap on the screen to select the block size you desire, which then causes your block to begin moving side to side until you tap the screen again to drop your block in jut the right spot to place it on the balance beam. One word of caution: the balance beam is all about real physics so your block placement could knock the beam off the boxes that it sits upon if your “Doodle Block” is unbalanced. So, what is the moral of this game story? Don’t drop the “Doodle Blocks.”

iPhone video app reviewiPhone video app review

This game is extremely challenging and has an addictive quality that made me to want to continue playing. You see, as you stack more blocks on the beam, the boxes that the beam rests upon begin to disappear as your blocks stack up. This little victory gave me a mental rush, albeit for about 3 to 4 seconds until I stacked another block and found my “Doodle Blocks” tumbling over. One must be persistent in this game and I suggest experimenting with a variety of block sizes to form your tower of Doodles. Doodle Block also has some upcoming improvements according to the developer that will make this game even better, but my guess it that you’ll be busy for a while mastering the current Doodle Blocks. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete demonstration of this application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Doodle Block iPhone App Details

Title: Doodle Block
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 14.3 MB
Developer: Appmoments
Store: iTunes App Store

Doodle Block iPhone App Download Link

Doodle Block - Appmoments

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Doodle Block iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

If you’ve ever been labeled a klutz, it is time to develop your stacking skills and prove that you aren’t butterfingered. Here comes Doodle Block, a balancing game with physics-based gameplay, that takes block-stacking madness to greater levels!

Challenge your balancing skills, show off your gaming prowess and build lofty towers to sky-scraping heights! Doodle Block is fast-paced, exciting and engaging with a host of features that include:

-2D physics-based challenge
-Continuous gameplay
-Blocks of different sizes, shapes and colors
-Amazing graphics and animation
-Excellent background music and sound effects
-Track your progress and performance
-Apple Game Center integration
-Suitable for the whole family

18 blocks of different sizes, shapes and colors are here to test how good a stacker you are.
-Choose the size of the block
-Stack the blocks one-by-one on the balancing beam.
-Position them accurately to maintain the stability of your stack.
– Stack up more rows for added points

-Watch your stack grow taller and taller and make sure it doesn’t tip the balancing beam.

Your stacking skills need to be perfect if you’re going to get anywhere. Handling these blocks is tricky and it requires a lot of patience, dexterity and concentration to keep them stacked up. Every tower needs a solid foundation. Balance as many blocks as you can. The higher the stack, the more points you’ll score. Reach for the stars, but don’t let your stack topple down!
Doodle Block is an addictive stacking game that’s easy to play but deceptively hard to master. Track scores on the leaderboard and challenge your friends too!
Download Doodle Block now and put your balancing skills to the ultimate test.

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