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Doodle Fire – Rescue The Hilarious Dropping Doodles

Doodle Fire (by JUUQ Mobile) is a tilt-to-play casual doodle game featuring 6 stages and 30 levels of funny and entertaining gameplay, power-ups, and hilarious sound effects. Who doesn’t want to be a fireman? They are the brave heros saving lives daily. Well, that is exactly what you’ll be doing (trying to do) as the hero in this FREE iPhone game. You play as 2 firemen holding a net (which has the physics of a trampoline) to rescue the falling doodle people as they leap from burning buildings. Although your objective is help the people who need your assistance, you’ll also have cats, dogs, and a variety of other falling debris to deal with as well. Some of the falling debris is good such as the coins, but lots of other falling debris is not so good, like the concrete blocks, plants, and other stuff which will bonk your firefighters on the head and render them incapacitated. If a firefighter becomes incapacitated, a new one comes out to replace the fallen hero, but during the time that you are waiting for a replacement, your net isn’t working, which ultimately means that doodles, cats and dogs are falling to their deaths — tragedy!

Your overall objective in this lighthearted casual game is to save all the lives (doodles, cats, dogs, etc.), while launching them off the net into the buckets filled with water (at the top of the game board) to help put out the burning building, one floor at a time. The game is played using the accelerometer to move your firefighters from side to side. There are plenty of scoring opportunities like bouncing the doodles off the building for extra points before strategically hitting a bucket with them. You also collect coins as they fall, but be sure to choose correctly between the coins or the lives falling, because you only have so many lives before your game is over.

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A very nice scoring feature to this game is that you can actually angle or aim the doodles, cats and dogs to hit the buildings using the net for extra points. The funny part of this comes from the awesome doodle artwork in the 6 unique backgrounds, and (of course) the creme de le creme is the sounds/sayings heard throughout the game from the doodles when jumping off the walls, when hitting the ground (death), and also when you save them. Doodle Fire is a very amusing and well made game that is so easy to pick up and play, either for a few minutes or a few hours. The only aspect that I found a little frustrating was that if you’re not perfect in your level gameplay (or once you die), you have to start back at level 1, which is kind of a real bummer and for this reason I would love to see a level selection option in the next update. Aside from this point, Doodle Fire is a very funny and entertaining casual game that is sure to make you laugh when you hear all those comical sound effects. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike 8)

Doodle Fire iPhone App Details

Title: Doodle Fire
Price: $2.99
Category: Games
Size: 19.1 MB
Developer: JUUQ Mobile
Store: iTunes App Store

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Doodle Fire - JUUQ Mobile

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Doodle Fire FREE iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
DOODLE FIRE! You’ve never played a doodle game like this. Featuring HILARIOUS sound effects, stunning doodle graphics, and a unique game play, this doodle game has it all!

Test your reflexes and save all sorts of characters from a burning building. Tilt your phone left or right to control firefighters and rescue jumpers, avoid falling debris, collect coins, buy power ups, and see if you can reach the final stage — Armageddon!


★ Simple controls! Just tilt your phone left or right to control the firefighters.

★ 6 Stages and over 30 levels!

★ Lots of fun characters to save. Humans, cats, dogs, and a lot more!

★ Unlock all the stunning backgrounds.

★ Cool power ups such as wider nets, big mattress and even an armored firefighter!

★ Lots of hilarious voice sound effects that will keep you laughing.

★ Gorgeous RETINA graphics!

★ Game Center support to compete with your friends.
What’s new
– Now stages remain UNLOCKED! (once you unlock a stage, it will stay unlocked!)
– Objectives. (over 20 to complete. Have fun!)
– Achievements in Game Center.
– Twitter to share your score.
– Performance optimizations.
– Bug fixes (let us know if you find bugs!)

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