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Dots Game – How Many Can You Connect In 60 Seconds? (Video)

The Dots Game is a stupid simple iPhone game that challenges you to connect as many dots as you can in :60 seconds.

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This game’s full app name is Dots: A Game About Connecting, and is obviously all about connecting dots. The gameplay is super easy in this free iPhone and iPad game: just connect dots, 2 or more dots of the same color. But, you only have :60 seconds to connect as many dots as you can to get as many points as you can. You will get a few points for connecting 2 dots, but more for making squares, rectangles, and etc. While the Dots game is simplistic in theory, getting a high score can be a bit nerve-racking. This is especially true when you see friends with scores like 700+.

There are a few power-ups that can be used 1x a game to help you, but it truly comes down to how you well you work under pressure.

Watch the Dots Game app video and to see how this game plays on the iPhone.

The Dots Game is a brilliant time waster game that is fun for a bit, but eventually, connecting dots gets boring!


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