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Dots – ONLINE – Old School Pen and Paper Game Fun!

Dots – ONLINE is a classic pen and paper game that brings back memories as you try to color more squares than your opponent in this simple yet challenging, line-drawing strategy game. I remember certain games from my younger school years like flicking triangle footballs across the room, having pencil fights, and playing games like Dots – ONLINE to see who would prove to be the better strategist of the two and ultimately the winner.

Just like the traditional approach, the object of this game is to have more colored squares than your opponent — simple enough? The game begins with the first player drawing a line on the virtual grid paper game board. Each player takes turns until lines begin to close boxes. In other words, you want to be the one placing the fourth line to complete a square in order for you to be able to claim that square in your color (red or blue). After you play a few games you’ll quickly figure out that the game gets much more interesting once all the safe moves are gone, which would be all of those that leave 2 ends open on any square (so that your opponent cannot place the last line to make a square nor color it in with their own color).

free iphone app reviewsfree iphone app reviews

I found this iPhone/iPad game to get a bit addictive after only a few games. I started playing against the computer opponent (AI) Easy Eric, who is very easy to beat, and then moved on to the next 2 AI’s — Medium Mary and Hard Harry, definitely not as easy as Eric. This game can also be played as pass-n-play on the same device, as well as with random online opponents or friends through Apple Game Center. Dots – ONLINE is a bunch of fun and requires some thought out strategy, especially when each move closes a square or chain of squares. One little tip: be very purposeful on where you place a line when there are no more safe moves or after you complete a square or a chain of squares in your color because you may have to end your move by drawing a line that sets your opponent up for victory. This unfortunate move typically gives your opponent an opening to swoop in and color one or more squares, so proceed cautiously trying not to give the other player a huge chain of squares to complete because this will probably be the death of you — you lose. Either way, you’ll enjoy this old time favorite — just in a new way. Be sure to watch the iPad video app demo for a complete look at how this game plays. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Dots – ONLINE iPhone App Details

Title: Dots Online
Price: Free
Category: Games
Size: 15.0 MB
Developer: Clever Fox
Store: iTunes App Store

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Dots - ONLINE - Clever Fox

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Dots – ONLINE iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Dots is a classic game from the days of school recess.

Simply take turns creating lines on a grid. Every time you complete a square you own that square. Claim more squares than your opponent and you win the game! It looks easy but it can be a real challenge!

Play with the computer with 3 levels of A.I. or play with friends online with Game Center Multiplayer. Bluetooth and Pass and Play option are also available.

•Game Center Multiplayer
•Game Center Achievements and Leader boards
•Realistic Graphics
•3 levels of A.I.
•Pass and Play
•Invite friends!

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