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Downloads Pro – More Than You Would Expect!

Downloads Pro (by Sensible Code) is a feature-rich download/file manager that allows you to download PDFs, photos, videos, music, and features a robust web browser, slick PDF viewer, as well as a media player that can play AVI, WMV, FLV, XVID, and RMVB video file formats. This app is one of the very best iPhone utility download and file manager apps that I have come across to date. The in app browser appears to behave and look the same as mobile Safari for each respective device, iPhone and iPad, since this application is Universal. You can have multiple tabs when using the iPad and multiple pages when using the iPhone. Another nifty feature is the opportunity to install and use the Safari “Bookmarklet” within this application. File downloading is a cinch, you simply find a file that you want to download, either tap through the buttons or merely hold down on an image, picture, or video when in this app and a pop window will appear with a variety of options, namely “Download.” If downloading more than 1 file at a time is your thing, not a problem, this app is capable of multiple file downloads at the same time, and all of your downloads can be managed in an easy file manager area.

downloads pro file manager iPhone app reviewdownloads pro file manager iPhone app review

This app features more than a nice web browser and excellent download file manager, it also has a great built in media player that works even when not using the app, similar to the native iPod application. There is also a PDF viewer that can handle eBook size files with many viewing features built in for easy reading. Downloads Pro is a great utility app to add to your iPhone utility belt and at an affordable price to boot. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo below for a complete demonstration of this application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Downloads Pro iPhone App Details

Title: Downloads Pro
Price: $1.99
Category: Utilities
Size: 7.2 MB
Developer: Sensible Code
Store: iTunes App Store

Downloads Pro iPhone App Download Link

Downloads Pro - Sensible Code

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Downloads Pro iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

★★★★★ The Most Comprehensive Download Manager in the App Store ★★★★★

Downloads Pro is a fully featured download manager that allows you to download any file to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you can view the downloaded file right on the device, or transfer them to your computer.


★ Universal app
– Buy once, install on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

★ Full portrait & landscape mode support

★ Passcode lock

★ Web browser
– Provides a user experience very similar to Mobile Safari
– Supports multiple tabs
– Tap and hold on an image to download it
– Tap and hold to force download
– Save web pages with images for offline viewing
– Bookmark manager
– History support
– Address bar auto-completion
– HTTP basic authentication
– Form-based authentication
– Integrated Google or Yahoo! search
– Ability to spoof browser’s User-Agent string to display web pages like Firefox

★ Download manager
– Fast downloading speed
– Supports resuming of interrupted downloads reliably
– Live download progress bar and speed indicator
– Active downloads badge number
– Add arbitrary download link
– Always download with correct filename

★ File manager
– Full screen document viewer that supports .doc, .xls, .ppt, .txt, .html and .rtf file formats
– Folders support
– Move, rename and delete files
– Search by file name
– Extract RAR archives
– Unzip ZIP files
– Import photo or video from Photo Album

★ Advanced PDF viewer
– Huge PDF files work flawlessly
– Text search
– Tap PDF links to jump across the file

★ Video player
– Play almost any video format including .mp4, .avi, .flv, .wmv, .rmvb, .xvid, .mpeg, .mpg, etc.
– Supports TV-Out (pre iOS 4.x)
– Save videos to Camera Rolls
– AirPlay support (iOS 4.2 or above)

★ Audio player
– Music playback of .aac, .wav, .mp3 and .m4a formats
– Ability to play all .mp3 files in a folder like a playlist
– Repeat and shuffle songs
– Audio playback continues with the screen locked
– Playlist support
– Display album artwork embedded in .mp3
– AirPlay support (iOS 4.2 or above)

★ Photo viewer
– Tap or swipe to move between images in a folder
– Zoom in and out with pinch gesture
– Ability to save images to photo album
– Thumbnails view

★ Mobile Safari Integration
– Bookmarklet for Mobile Safari that lets you open any link in Downloads Pro

★ Multitasking
– Background audio
– Background downloading

★ Inter-app document interchange
– Other apps can save their files to Downloads app (e.g. Email app can save attachments to Downloads Pro)

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