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Dragon & Dracula – Challenging Android Platform Game!

Dragon & Dracula (by Herocraft) is an epic adventure platformer game for the Android that features a baby dragon in the beginning of the game who eventually grows into a fierce adult dragon on a mission to destroy Dracula throughout the 25 challenging levels, Boss battles, and mini games. This Android platform game overall is very nicely done, but it’ll challenge your hand-eye coordination as you try to successfully maneuver the 25 significantly challenging levels.

Your dragon is a baby when you first start out in the game, but as you play through the levels, collect crystals, and purchase items like necklaces, you’ll see your dragon becomes stronger and faster, which makes gameplay easier. However, the levels seem to be get equally as difficult so you’ll have to use your dragon carefully to complete each level. The antagonist in this game is Dracula, he wants to use your dragon as ingredients for a potion — which is not cool. Each of the 25 levels has its very own objective, whether it is to gather all the crystals (don’t let Dracula kill your dragon) or finish the level, you’ll have to complete each stated mission before going on to the next level.

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I had trouble early on and learned the hard way that you only get 3 lives to complete a level before having to start over. You can opt to purchase unlimited opportunities if you want to complete a level that you’re stuck on, for an additional $0.99, which is the original cost of the app and could easily be viewed as unfair by the consumer. If the extra $0.99 unlocked all additional level unlimited attempts — great! But, you’ll actually have to pay $0.99 for each level if you’re having trouble completing. Another tip, in the settings menu you’ll probably want to disengage the HQ setting, as I found the game to run slow on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus — unless this was unchecked. Dragon vs Dracula is an enjoyable and very nicely done platformer game for the Android, but a little more giving in app purchase revenue model would make this app even better. Be sure to watch the Android video app demo for a complete look at this Android Arcade & Action game. Check out our other Android app reviews. Crazy Mike

Dragon & Dracula Android App Details

Title: Dragon & Dracula
Price: $0.97
Category: Arcade & Action
Size: 23 MB
Developer: HeroCraft Ltd
Store: Android Market/Amazon App Store

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Dragon & Dracula – Android Market

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